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The Zoshlings are a Moshling Set in Moshi Monsters based on aliens.

The Moshlings in this set are Captain Squirk the Zoshling, First Officer Ooze the Zoshling, Dr. C. Fingz the Zoshling and Splutnik the Zoshling.

In Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt, Roswell the Zippity Zoshling is added as a Super Moshling



The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide

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I'd heard rumours of Zoshling sightings for many moons. But it wasn't until the Zoshlings' Rhapsody 2 spaceship crashlanded on Music Island that I became a true believer. Since then I've had several close encounters of the Zoshi kind. I've even ridden on Splutnik's jetpack and sampled some of First Officer Ooze's cosmic gloop. It's out of this world! (Buster Bumblechops)


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Cute and cuddly aliens from the musical planet of Symphonia.


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Captain Squirk
Ultra-rare S2 M10
First Officer Ooze
Ultra-rare S2 M10
Dr. C. Fingz
Ultra-rare S2 M10
Ultra-rare S2 M10
Super Moshling Collect the other Zoshlings and use a Golden Spoon to hatch



Cute and cuddly aliens from the musical planet of Symphonia.


  • Unlike other Moshlings, they are not specified in species further than Zoshlings.
  • The design of the Set's background features the Rhapsody 2; their ship.
  • All four can be gained by completing Season 2: Mission 10 and are therefore one of the easiest sets to complete.
  • Their appearance in Season 2: Mission 1 explains how C.L.O.N.C. shot down their spaceship in Season 1: Mission 10.
  • They are the main characters through the whole adventure of Season 2.
  • Captain Squirk is your "guide" through the Season 2 Missions, as Elder Furi is absent. The difference is that you're helping the Zoshlings with their problem, rather than a "greater cause". Everything else is accidental.
  • They come from the planet Symphonia and all have the power to resonate.
  • Every Moshling is the set is Ultra-rare.
  • Zoshling captains wear Intergalatic headdresses (such as the one on Squirk's helmet). The emblem on the headdress is made from Goop-tonite. 



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