List of Yukea's wares

Yukea is a shop in Moshi Monsters. It is a shop in Main Street, owned by Moe Yukky in Moshi Monsters. Players can buy items like furniture, wallpapers and posters. The items sold change every 15 minutes like every other shop. The player can buy a variety of different items with different rarities, however they do cost more Rox and also require a higher level.


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Yukea on Main Street is Monstro City's favourite furniture shop, run by Moe Yukky. It's got everything you need to get your monster's home set up, from floors and wallpapers to seating and shelves.


  • Yukea is a pun on the furniture store, Ikea.
  • In the Spanish Version of Moshi Monsters, Yukea was called "Horrokea". The alternative name was probably due to Yukea's pronunciation would have not fit the Spanish language.
  • Ruby Scribblez worked here writing labels for items before moving up to reporter for Shrillboard Magazine.