Willow the Dainty Deer is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Frosties set in Moshi Monsters. They are a deer who used to pull heavy sleds. Willow loves playing in the snow and playing snowflake hoopla with their antlers.


LockedTwistletoe BerriesLocked
Willow can be attracted using the in-game secret code WILLOWAUG2018.
Pink Dragon FruitYellow Magic BeansBlue Snap Apple
The combination above is not implemented in-game and thus does not attract Willow when planted.


Some Moshlings are so incredibly cute even I get a tearful when I spot one in the wild. But the sight of a Dainty Deer scampering around in the snow, playing snowflake hoopla with its miraculous frozen antlers, trumps everything in terms of charm. Why, it's even enough to prompt the likes of Strangeglove to reach for his hanky, especially when you consider that life hasn't always been such fun for these lovable Moshlings. Believe it or not, they were once used to pull, heavy, Rox-laden sledges from the Twinkly-Dink Mines.

Mini Bio

Incredibly cute, Dainty Deers love scampering around in the snow and playing snowflake hoopla using their miraculous refrigerated antlers. But life hasn't always been such fun because these loveable Moshlings were once used to pull heavy, Rox laden sledges in from the Twinkly-Dink Mines.


In the wintry wonderland around the foothills of Sillimanjaro or in the windows of Horrods at Twistmastime.



Chilled, fragile, wary.


Collecting snowflakes and figure skating.


Red noses and white beards.


  • Willow was released in the Moshling Zoo on the same day as VinnieLurgee, Blinki, and Hocus.
    • They were the last Moshling from the December 16th group to have a method of catch.
  • Willow first appeared in the last page of Issue #32 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
  • Willow used to be available to those who have the Moshi Monsters Village app, but the code is unavailable. The provided seed combination shown in The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide has yet to come in use.
    • Purchase of their Carte Blanche plush, however, comes with a code that will unlock them in-game.
  • Willow's dislike for red noses and white beards references elements to Christmas, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Santa Claus, respectively. 




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