Weeny the Teeny Genie is a Moshling in the Naughties set. They are a genie who demands ridiculous feats for one to perform in order to get their wish granted or does the purposely misunderstanding the wish routine common for genie characters.


LN 1


The Caves of Shazam are truly fascinating but they are also where Teeny Genies hang out. Rubbing up one of these mischievous Moshlings the wrong way is definitely not to be recommended. I met one whilst searching for enchanted Rox and was told that my wish was his command - but only if I could moonwalk on my hands and pat my head at the same time. I gave it a go but was interrupted by sniggering. I looked up and realized that a whole bunch of Teeny Genies were floating above me, laughing their turbans off. Most embarrassing! Don't bother rubbing a Teeny Genies lamp because all you will get is a face full of enchanted bubblegum!

Mini Bio

Your wish is their command! Well that's the idea but Teeny Genies are so mishchevious they will only grant three wishes to anyone who can moonwalk on their heads and pat their heads at the same time. And don't bother rubbing a Teeny Geeny's lamp because you will probably get a face full of enchanted bubblegum!


Check out your loft, there could be a Teeny Genie hiding in an old bottle of Wobble-ade. Failing that, try the Caves of Shazam.



Naughty, enchanted, funny.


Treasure and blowing bubblegum.


Wonky Wizards and sesame crackers.





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