We're In This Together is a song featuring in the Moshi Monsters Movie. It is the second main one, the first being We Can Do It, it is also the longest song in the movie being over four minutes long.


Moshi movie soundtrack booklet Page 17

You you you and me
You you you and me
You you you and me
You you you and me
We're in this together united we stand
Don't grumble be humble and lets all join hands (Hey!)

A smile's just a curve that sets everything straight
So turn that frown upside down
Don't hesitate, smile!

You, you and me now
Oh we can do anything
Oh, what a kerfuffle!

We're in this together we're tight we're close knit
We never surrender don't know when to quit

(Gombala gombala walla walla hoohaa)
(Gombala gombala walla walla hoohaa)

We're in this together altough it seems odd
We're stuck with each other like peas in a pod
We're in this together and that's where it ends
We know where we stand 'cos we stick with our friends


  • It is the longest song in the movie.
  • It is the second from last song played, the last one is the Snoodle Doodle which is played during the end credits along with an instrumental of We Can Do It.
  • During the song, Mrs Snoodle hatches out of the Great Moshling Egg.
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