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I am MarioJoe11, (I'd rather be called Joe!) I am 17 years old, and I am an Admin here. this means I can prevent users from spamming, using caps frequently or swearing, stuff like that, along with protecting the wiki overall to ensure that the Wiki is a nice place to be :)

Please don't worry though; as I am really easy to get on with and I'm always happy to talk if you like, no matter what it is!

I have an extensive knowledge on Moshi Monsters; specifically within the Merchandise and fiction. I am not the best with wiki formatting however; but if you need help regarding Moshi Monsters itself, I am happy to help.

Mini Ben is called Benneth to me, keep that in mind xD

Benneth is by far my favourite Moshling, with Shoney trailing behind him.


My Avatar was created by PepperSupreme, an awesome user here, who's very talented at drawing!

I own a site; Mario's Moshi Site. It's not too actively updated as often as I'd like, but that's mainly due to a lack of content to report on. I also made a webcomic that is Moshi Monsters related but is in no way canon. I reccomend giving it a read due to nothing else really going on! I also make the odd art . Most of it is Moshi Monsters but if you like stuff like Steven Universe and Nintendo then you should stick around!  

That's all, If you see me around, make sure to say hi!

My Interests

  • Moshi Monsters (Wow really?)
  • Club Penguin 
  • Peep And The Big Wide World 
  • Nintendo (Mainly the Mario, Kirby and Pikmin franchises)
  • Steven Universe 
  • Collecting Amiibo
  • Go Gos Crazy Bones (Yes I am a fan of many dead things)
  • Angry Birds
  • Cut The Rope 
  • Adventure Time 
  • Plants VS Zombies (It should really be Me VS The Community)
  • We Bare Bears 
  • PaRappa The Rapper

My interests are very open and wide; if you have something you think I'd like; feel free to reccomend it me!

Gifs (I don't even know)

This has a page now. Buster. User:Mariojoe11/Gifs



About My Moshi Account:

Gender: Male.png
Owner Name: Mariojoe11
Monster Name: Riolu
Monster Type: Katsuma
Favourite Moshlings: Benneth Icon Chat.png
Member: Yes
User Rights: Admin

Moshi Member: Yes

Favourite Moshling:Benneth

Unique number of Moshi Monsters Figures: 862

Moshling I am trying to get: Raffy y'know just waiting for his seed to grow

Raffy 6.png

Number of Moshlings: 150/151

My Monster was apparently adopted in June 2008, but I think it was 2009.

Feel free to add me on Moshi!

Joe's The Magnificent Moshi Circus collection
Fopkin figure normal.png
Shed figure normal.png
Bruce figure normal.png
Dr C Fingz circus figure normal.png
Woolly circus figure normal.png
DJ Quack circus figure normal.png
Rocko circus figure normal.png
Bloopy circus figure normal.png
Flitter figure normal.png
Flora figure normal.png
Peppy circus figure normal.png
Travis figure normal.png
Roxy circus figure normal.png
Pocito circus figure normal.png
Rebus figure normal.png
Holmes figure normal.png