Unreleased Moshlings are Moshlings who have appeared in various media but have not yet received an identity. If these Moshlings receive a name they will be moved to the Upcoming Moshlings page and will be given their own article if the information necessary for one is provided. Many of the Moshlings who appear on this page may have been scrapped and cancelled to ever be included in the zoo.

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Chinchilla Moshling

The Chinchilla Moshling is a Moshling who resembles a rodent - assumed chinchilla but due to their ability of flight, they could also be a flying squirrel. They debuted on the Buster's Lost Moshlings app in the special Halloween level and filled decorative purposes in the Moshi Monsters Magazine and other books such as the 2015 annual.


Incognito Moshling

The Incognito Moshling is a presumed cancelled Moshling in Moshi Monsters. They seem to be a homage to Karl Lagerfeld.

They made several appearances throughout the Buster's Lost Moshlings book and app as a decorative character and continued this purpose throughout the franchise. They are also seen as such in Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 52. In the group artwork. They are placed next to the Secrets and shares the sets stardom homage atmosphere. Within the limit of 4 Moshlings per set (excluding Super Moshlings), they were not included.


Light Bulb Moshling

The Light Bulb Moshling has only appeared on a Moshling spreadsheet by Moshling designer Vincent Bechet. They have not been used (not even as a decorative character) in the Moshi Monsters franchise nor do they have any Moshlings that they could be the predecessor design of.

Moose Moshling

The Moose Moshling made their first appearance in a group shot in the Moshi Karts magazine. Their full-body art was included in a Moshlings sticker sheet that came with Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 60.

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