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Twistmas is the festive holiday that is celebrated in the lead up to December 25 in Moshi Monsters. Twistmas is a pun on Christmas, both are celebrated on the same day and have a lot in common. 

Since 2011, codes have been given out to users to celebrate the holiday. In 2011 and 2012, the codes where given out in the "12 Days of Twistmas" and through the figure Advent Calendar in 2012. In 2013, the codes were given out in The Great Twistmas Giveaway as well as in the Micro Moshi Advent Calendar. Items are also sold in shops such as Yukea.


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Twistmas Hoodoos

Twistmas items

2008 - 2012

From 2008 to 2012, during Twistmas, twelve items were hidden (one every day for twelve days) in stores and monsters had to find the item's store from a clue posted on the The Daily Growl.

All items apart from the clothing items and food items were sold in surprise presents/crackers so those who purchased wouldn't know until the item was dragged from their inventory to their room.

2011 - 2012, Coded

Moshi Monsters 12 Days of Twistmas Logo
The Moshi Monsters 12 Days of Twistmas was a Twistmas Secret Codes promotion that was held on in 2011. Each day for twelve days from 14th December to 25th December, a new code was posted on the website, all with a one-time use.
Moshi Monsters - Moshi Monsters 12 Days of Christmas - Free Online Virtual Pet

Moshi Monsters - Moshi Monsters 12 Days of Christmas - Free Online Virtual Pet

The items from in 2011 returned in 2012 and were released with issue 24 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, where Cap'n Buck did a 12 Days of Twistmas treasure hunt to create the item codes, given the beginnings and with the endings found throughout the issue of the magazine. These codes remain active and are able to be used.


In 2012, five new items were released at Yukea as well as the older ones that had appeared in stores each year since 2008.


Main article: The Great Twistmas Giveaway

In 2013, the items from 2008-2012 apart of the '12 days of Twistmas' did not return, neither did the secret codes from the Instead, The Great Twistmas Giveaway promotion took place. Everyday from December 18th until January 5th, for nineteen days, a new secret code was shown by a pop-up alert.

  • Twistmas Door - TWISTDOOR1
  • Twistmas Window - TWISTWINDOW1
  • Twistmas Wreath - TWISTWREATH
  • Twistmas Stocking - STOCKING5
  • Candy Cane - CANDYCANE3
  • Twistmas Toy Soldier - TOYSOLDIER1
  • Chocolate Poppet - FAIRYLIGHTS
  • Chocolate Katsuma - CAROLSINGERS
  • Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Carter - SNOWBALL
  • Vinnie - 2014
  • Hocus - ICICLES
  • Lurgee - SNOWFLAKE
  • Bodge - REDNOSE
  • Melting Snowman
  • Iced Hoodoo

2012-2013 Advent Calendar Exclusive




Moshi Monsters - Moshi Twistmas - Free Online Virtual Pet

Moshi Monsters - Moshi Twistmas - Free Online Virtual Pet

Moshi Monsters - Moshi Twistmas

Moshi Monsters - Moshi Twistmas

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