Troy the Macho Minotaur is a upcoming Moshling in Moshi Monsters. They are a minotaur-based species who once guarded the Puzzle Palace's Rox hoard. 


Butch beyond belief, these bullheaded Moshlings were once employed by ancient monsters to stand guard over the huge Rox hoard stored in the maze beneath the Puzzle Palace. These days most Macho Minotaurs make a living selling their fast-growing hair to wig makers or performing in Moshi pantos.

Unexplored Area.png

Look in the hedge mazes behind the Puzzle Palace, or head to the mythical island of Moshipotamia.
Obstinate, tough, protective.
Mazes and classical theatre.
Hair clippers and anything pink.


The Twilight Sleep Story "Troy and the Maze of Thieves" is based of "Theseus and the Minotaur in the Labyrinth", the story of the Minotaur but with major changes. Only the string to get out of the maze and the labyrinth itself are elements used. A band of thieves, led by Weeny, are set to steal Troy's treasure which he is protecting in the maze. Their plan is to follow Troy to the treasure and find their way back using a string they attached to the outside. This string was chewed off by a goat and rendered useless. Troy is not hostile towards the thieves but does let them panic in the labyrinth for 40 days straight until deciding they had learned their lesson.


Troy is based off of the Minotaur; a Crete mythological half-man half-bull creature who resided in a labyrinth. The inspiration comes forth in design, species name and in the loose general sense of being connected to a large maze-like construction.[note 1]

Troy is described as buff and macho with fast growing hair. However, Lummox bares a stronger resemblance in appearance to the modern portrayal of a Minotaur; with the bracelets, visible muscles and loincloth. Troy in comparison looks like he has not worked out for eons -which is likely the case since they are out of their jobs- but this is not touched upon.

Troy's name is based off of the city state in Ancient Greece while the Minotaur itself is from Crete.


Notes and citations

  1. Originally the Minotaur -the son of a bull and a human woman- was put in a labyrinth to live there. The Minotaur was cannibalistic (eats humans while it is half-human) and was send young people to eat. These elements are often removed in modern depiction of the Minotaur.

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