Topsy Turvy the Tardy Timer is an upcoming Moshling in Moshi Monsters. They are a sand timer. Topsy Turvy has egg powder inside of them and are often running late.

Topsy Turvy did not see a release inside of the original online game. They instead made their obtainable debut in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt where they can be obtained by daily egg hatching.


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The first time I stumbled across Flippity Trip Farm I was amazed because the whole place was full of Tardy Timers, dashing about in all directions. You see, Tardy Timers are always running late. And that's most odd because the powdered egg that runs through their hourglass figures is rumoured to tickle their tummies whenever they are delayed. Then again, you'd be late if you spent all day doing handstands yelling, 'Ooh, it tickles!' Confused? You should be, because these crazy Moshlings are so manic they don't know whether they're coming or going. Having said that, I still keep one in my kitchen to time my boiled eggs - and they're always far too runny!

Mini Bio

Time waits for no Moshi, especially Tardy Timers because they are always running late. And that’s weird because the powdered egg running through their hourglass figures is rumoured to tickle their tummies whenever they are delayed. Then again, you’d probably be late too if you spent all day doing handstands yelling ‘Ooh, it tickles!’.

Moshi Monsters Magazine

Poor old Topsy Turvy doesn't know if he's coming or going. He's never on time for anything and all that powdeed egg in his tummy tickles like mad!



Unpunctual, worried, restless.


Runny eggs and hot feet.


Digital watches and sand flies.


The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide

Unexplored Area

Flippity Trip Farm, but you occasionally see Tardy Timers standing on their heads at train stations.

Moshi Monsters Magazine

Tardy Timers can be found standing on their heads at Flippity Trip Farm - unless they're runnng late, which happens a lot!


  • Topsy Turvy debuted in the Buster's Lost Moshlings app.
  • Yolka's biography states that Boiled Boffins dislike Tardy Timers, Topsy Turvy's species, because they are egg timers. 
  • Topsy Turvy is one of the two Moshlings to like runny eggs, the other being Toasty.
  • Topsy Turvy is the only Moshling from Series 6 Figures to not make an appearance in the online game.
    • This makes them the oldest Moshling who did not release in the online game.




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