Thump O Glump is a game that you can play on Sludge Street. It came out in 2012. The player can locate it by clicking on an exaggerated form of Dr. Strangeglove on Sludge Street. It is like Whack a Mole, but instead of whacking moles you whack Glumps. If you hit a Moshling, the game ends.

Thump O Glump was the 3rd event of The Moshi Frosty Games. The theme that plays during the game is a "remix" of Hungarian Dance No. 5.  
TaG main theme


Using the mouse (seen as a hammer whilst playing), click on the Glumps, which can be seen scolding and grunting. The primary goal of the game is to hit Glumps without striking any Moshlings; if the player strikes a Moshling whilst playing (one of 2 methods of life loss: the other being missing a Glump) the player loses one of their five lives.


Glump-o-Tron 3000 is the final level and if you complete it, you obtain a medal for your medals book.