The The Ultimate Moshlings Collector's Guide is a Moshlings encyclopedia and guide book, written by Steve Cleverley as Buster Bumblechops. This is the second Moshlings Collector's Guide after the The Moshling Collector's Guide and is an upgraded version of the latter as it contains all the content of the previous book aside all its new content.

The new Moshlings added are all stand-alone as no Moshling was introduced in a complete set at this point.

As Super Moshi Missions have grown essential for obtaining Moshlings, the Daily Growl section replaced the "new Moshlings" section of the previous book for in-universe ads regarding the Super Moshi lore. Buster's assistant Snuffy Hookums has also been included.


Monstro City's top Moshling Collector, Buster Bumblechops, shares his tips on collecting all the little Moshlings roaming wild in the world. This ultimate edition features eighty-five Moshlings, as well as an exclusive Secret Moshling, Roxy to download and add to your Zoo!


This new edition is now updated with all new Moshlings!

If you want to be a Moshlings expert then this fantastic Moshling Collector's Guide is the perfect book for you. Monstro City's top Moshling collector, Buster Bumblechops, shares his tips on collecting all the little Moshlings roaming wild in the world of Moshi Monsters!

Buster is the ultimate collector and this awesome book is packed full of his stories from years of Moshlings tracking. Find out how to plant the right seeds to attract Moshlings, and how to keep them entertained once you have adopted them! As well as Buster Bumblechop's collector's notes the guide contains extracts from his diary plus an exclusive extra Moshling (available only with this guide).

Includes your own exclusive virtual gift for your room!

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Daily Growl

June 23, 2012
Are you a Moshling collector? Then listen closely. There's an ALL NEW Moshlings Collector's Guide coming out on 28th June. It's the ULTIMATE Moshling Collector's Guide, where you can find bios and Moshling Seed combinations for your favourite Moshlings, plus learn about some brand new Moshlings that aren't even out yet. I heard a rumour that Ruby Scribblez has a copy already and she'll share a photo of a future Moshling right here at The Daily Growl very soon.


  1. Burnie
  2. Humphrey
  3. Jeepers
  4. ShiShi
  5. Zack Binspin
  6. Roxy
  7. Pocito
  8. Angel
  9. Gigi
  10. Mr. Snoodle
  11. Priscilla
  12. Leo
  13. Bobbi SingSong
  14. Rofl
  15. Coolio
  16. Cutie Pie
  17. Hansel
  18. Oddie
  19. Plinky
  20. Blingo
  21. Cherry Bomb
  22. Chop Chop
  23. General Fuzuki
  24. Sooki-Yaki
  25. Shelby
  26. Wallop
  27. Shelly
  28. Jessie


  • Some Moshlings have no rarity stated.
  • Woolly was wrongly listed as Ultra Rare.
  • Bobbi SingSong was spelt Bobby SingSong in the index but on his page it said Bobbi SingSong.
  • On the back cover, Fifi does not have a nose.



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