The Sha La La Goodbye Song is the "wrap up" song on the Music Rox! album, where all contributors to Simon Growl's Music Rox! come together to sing their goodbyes, led by Simon who fails in conducting them to sing correctly. Only a handful of performers are heard clearly throughout the song (Poppet, Rocko, Zommer, Dr. Strangeglove and Simon) but fiction-wise everyone from Music Rox! was present.

The song was exclusively performed for the Music Rox! album and had not seen a music video release.


Lead characters Ashley Slater, Phillipa Alexander, Rajesh David, Alex Hay, Steve Cleverley
Backing vocals Ashley Slater, Phillipa Alexander, Sanji Sen


Poppet: Well, thanks for listening...but the time has come for us to say goodbye.
Rocko: Yeah, that's right. We gotta split.
Zack Binspin: We hope you've enjoyed all this goopendously cool Moshi music
Zommer: 'Cus we totally dug it, you know what we're saying?
Dentist: But now we have to hit the road.
Sweet Tooth: Let's go!
Strangeglove: Speak for yourself, you pathetic bunch of-
Simon: Look, uh Doctor whatever-your-name-is, I genuinely think you've got a great recording voice.
Strangeglove: Oh, you do? Well, in that case, Fishlips! Come with me and bring your trombone!
Mu he ha ha ha haaa~

La~ Sha la la la~ Sha la la la la~ Sha la la la~
La~ Sha la la la~ Sha la la la la~ Sha la la la~ (Zommer: Ooh yeah!)
La~ (*giggles*) Sha la la la~ Sha la la la la~ Sha la la la~

No no, no no no no no no..
Wait a minute, wait a minute. Nope.
Listen- Listen to me. Me! Listen to the way you sing it.
(*clears throat*) La~ Sha la la la~
More like that, you see what I'm doing...?
La~ (Poppet: That's what I'm doing!)
Sha la la la~ *laugh*

That's right!
Clap your hands!
Come along, here we go!
Join in everyone!
Sing along!
You all know the words!
(Zommer: Yo grandad! If it's too loud, you're too old!)
Oh yes! I'm feeling the love!
Come on now, two, three, four!
The crowd is going crazy
I'm loving this show, really loving it!
That's it! And we're getting to the end now!
And I'm still pretty excited about this!
Even though we're at the end of the show, I'm really excited!

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