The Official Collectable Figures Guide is a Figures collector's guide book, written by Richard Dinnick, who also has written the Super Moshi Missions book

The book is a checklist guide for Moshling Figures collectors. Each page is dedicated to one character-specific figure mold, its variations and how to obtain each of them.

The book comes with an exclusive limited edition platinum Gabby figure; silver with a star instead of a heart.


This collector's guide to the Moshi Monsters mini figures, produced by Vivid, is every fan's essential guide to completing their collection. With over 100 characters and numerous variations of them to tick off as your collection grows. The Moshi Monsters Mini Figures Collector's Guide comes with an exclusive Gabby mini figure!


This ESSENTIAL GUIDE is packed with over 950 variations of Moshi Monsters collectable figures for you to track down! Plus an EXCLUSIVE platinum Gabby figure to add to your collection! Also available


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