The Moshling Collector's Guide is a book all about Moshlings. It gives you a biography of the original Moshlings, what they like and dislike, their habitat and their seed code. It also has Search-and-Find puzzles, and photos of the Moshlings. It is written in first person by Buster Bumblechops. An updated version of the book was realesed in June 2012 called The Ultimate Moshlings Collector's Guide. The updated book included new Moshlings.


Welcome to the exciting world of Moshi Monsters- the online game that's a hit with kids!

The Moshi Monsters Collector's Guide is perfect for any aspiring Moshling expert! Get all the tips for collecting Moshlings from Monstro City's top Moshling collector, Buster Bumblechops. Find out how to plant the right seeds to attract Moshlings, and how to keep them entertained once you've adopted them!

With exclusive secret Moshling!

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Monstro City's top Monshling Collector, Buster Bumblechops, shares his tips on collecting all the little Moshlings roaming wild in the world of Moshi Monsters!


The book has a table/chart to keep track of your Moshlings. It shows a picture of the Moshling, the Moshling's name, number and if it's Ultra-rare or not.

The book has biography and page on Roxy. Buster says if you email him at, he will give you the code which is: 'HOBBIDIDANCE'.

You have space to create up to four of your own Moshlings. You can draw it, write what it's personality is like, it's species, it's number, it's habitat, it's likes and dislikes, draw up close pictures of it, write a biography about it and write the code to catch it (the seeds and the colour).



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