The Magnificent Moshi Circus is the thirteenth and final series of Moshi Monsters figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations, released in July 2015. 




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  • Following on from the previous Food Factory series, some figures are different finishes of previous ones. The series will also have playsets to go along with figures, similar to the Food Factory. 
  • This is the second time Glumps appear in a series, the first being eleven series ago a part of the series 2 figures. Although they are not Glumps they are the Clumps from Big Top Ballyhoo.
  • Although Chop Chop is seen on packaging, Chop Chop doesn't appear as a figure in the series.
    • At the London Toy Fair 2015, it was confirmed Chop Chop would be exclusive to the Big Top playset.
  • This is the first series since series eight not to have an attached promotion and promotion website.
  • DJ Quack's figure has a 13 written on the bottom in the same font and size as the numbers on top of the Furnando figure. It is possible that this is a reference to the Hook A Duck stalls at real-life fairs. 
  • Due to licensing for merchandise expiring the Circus figures had the shortest production out of all series, thus making them the hardest to find.


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