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The Daily Growl is the main news hub for all Moshi Monsters players, and it is an official blog on Moshi Monsters edited mainly by Roary Scrawl and Ruby Scribblez, although other characters have edited in the past (e.g.Sweet Tooth).

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The Daily Growl can be accessed both from Main Street or clicking the 'News!' button at the game's toolbar. On the Daily Growl, the editors mostly post about...

Random Rox

The Daily Growl has a feature called Random Rox, in which the editors choose a random player in the comments section and give them a huge amount of Rox (around 250).


The Daily Growl gives out puzzles everyday. Here is a list of the Puzzles and their objectives.

  • Jeepers Peepers - players must guess which eyes belong to a Moshling.
  • Odd One Out - players must guess which photo is the odd one out, hence the name.
  • What's Wrong With This Picture? - players must guess the what is wrong with the picture.
  • Shredded Photo - players must solve the puzzle of the shredded photo by putting the letters in order. In most cases, it has been destroyed by a Musky Husky.
  • Bubble Trouble - players must guess what Moshling is behind the bubbles. Alternatively, the bubbles are smooches around Valentine's day.
  • Extreme Close-up - players must guess which item/character is on the extreme closed-up photo.
  • Lost & Found - players must guess which item belongs to.
  • Moshi Motor Mouths - similar to Jeepers Peepers except with mouths.
  • Lost in a Pile of Plushies - a real moshling is lost in a pile of it's plushie-counterpart.
  • Which Two Are Alike - players must guess which two are alike, hence the name.
  • Mystery Location - players must guess where the photo was taken.
  • Name That Sound! - players must guess which Moshling is the sound from
  • Who Is This? - players must guess the character in a silhouette.
  • Test Your Knowledge - players must answer a given trivia in the comments sections.
  • Calculations - players must answer a mathematical problem given by a character in the comments section.


  • Standard - the theme all year round except during special occasions.
  • Halloween - the theme around Halloween time (mid October-start of November)
  • Twistmas - the theme around Twistmas time (mid December-start of January)
  • Poppet - the theme during the 'Poppet Mania' event
  • Pirates - the theme during the Pirate Takeover



  • The Daily Growl was made and is maintained using vBulletin.
  • The Daily Growl used to have a different, more simplistic design but it was changed in October 2012.