The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide is the third and final book in the Moshlings Collector's Guide series by Buster Bumblechops, which contains information on Moshlings and how to catch them. A total of 74 Moshlings have been added since the last guide.

The book did not feature a "virtual gift". Instead, you had to send a photograph with your Monster's name written on a paper along with your copy of this guide to Buster's e-mail. In return, Buster would provide you a code for Blurb Beans so you could catch Peeps.

When the book was released, it took just under two months for Peeps to be released in Moshi Monsters, due to Buster Bumblechops seemingly having trouble catching them, as stated in the wikichat visits.


Monstro City is packed with brand-new Moshlings! The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide contains Buster Bumblechops' essential guide to exactly who they all are, where they hang out, what they like and dislike and how you can collect them. Unmissable reading for any Moshling fan!


Set Bios

I collect art so these paint-slinging Moshlings fascinate me. I recently asked some Abstract Artistes and a few Artful Splodgers to redecorate my Museum of Moshiness after Dr. Strangeglove and his Glumps broke in and vandalized the place. The trouble is it looks even worse now! Oh well. In fact, a Playful Pfft Pfft is spraying a pop-art portrait at me at this very moment. I thnk it makes me look like a vintage tin of gloop soup!
I'm no dummy in the science stakes but Brainies put me in the shade. These super intelligent Moshlings have major brainpower. They even make Elder Furi look dim. Speaking of Elder Furi, he's asked a Joyful Juicy Brainiac to make a de-Glumping device to foil Dr Strangeglove. And a Molecular Chef is already creating a contraption that freezes baddies in vapour. C.L.O.N.C. won't know what's hit 'em!
Awww, I'm just a big softy at heart so I love Cuties. These adorable Moshlings include Rubbery Bubberies and Chipper Chaffinches. But although they look super sweet, Cuties can be pretty tricksy, especially if you try to give one a cuddle. I've been pecked by a Chipper Chaffinch for attempting to stroke it, and almost throttled by a Rubbery Bubbery for squeezing its squishy cheeks. I'll stuck to hugging my teddy next time!
Brrr! Despite my thick coat of fur and thermal undies I still feel the cold. And that's bad news for me because Frosties love hanging out in the iciest areas in the world. I built an igloo in the foothills of Mount Sillimanjaro last winter to study Dainty Deers in their natural habitat. But I forgot my mittens and had to dunk my frozzicated fingers in mugs of hot gloop soup to warm up!
Walking talking fruit? It sounds pretty bonkers but that's the deal with Fruities. I try to meet at least five of these juicy little Moshlings a day because it keeps me healthy. Let me tell you, working out alongside a Fizzical Phewberry or taking on a Square Pear in a pip-spitting contest is exhausting and always has me reaching for a smoothie. Mmm, fruity!
I haven't had a fur-cut in ages. But if you think I'm furry now, you should have seen me back in my Moshiversity days. I couldn't walk down Main Street without tripping over my goatee! Perhaps that's why I have a soft spot for Fuzzies. These fleecy Moshlings are pretty varied but they all have one thing in common: they are really fuzzy!
They say giving gifts is more satisfying than receiving them, but that's not entirely true when it comes to Gifties. These little Moshlings enjoy giving presents, getting presents and even making presents! And it doesn't need to be a special occasion. I bumped into a gaggle of Gifties at the annual Moshi Garden Fête and they showered me with confetti and plonked a pink rosette on my prize gooberries. How embarrassing!
I've advised many a Moshling over the years. In fact, I see my self as a bit of a guru. But I've never performed a hex in front of royalty like a Wonky Wizard or meditated upside-own like a Wandering Wumple. You see, unlike me, Gurus can be pretty mystical. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off for a lie-down under my enchanted crystals to listen to my new album of ancient Hoodoo chants.
I'm not getting any younger but you can bet your flowery flares I'm still 'down' with the youngsters. Hipster Moshlings often nod in approval when they see me dressed up for a night on the town. I'm not quite sure why they giggle and point afterwards though. After all, Jazzy Wigglers, Glamster Hamsters, Swaggering Swines and Creative Coyotes are amongst the coolest Moshlings of all. Surely they're hip to my jive?
Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? I do, but that's because I always try to surround myself with Luckies. Unlucky Larrikins are the exception to the rule, of course, and Mystic Moggies are rather unpredictable with their weird magic. But Mini Monies an Kittens of Good Fortune are lukcier than a horseshoe-shaped Funny Bunny paw covered in four-leafed clover!
Ever since I co-starred in Moshi Monsters: The Movie, I've developed a new appreciation for these film-loving Moshlings. Movies make perfect pets gooperstars because they are impressed by anything to do with the big screen. I might even ask an All-Seeing Moment Muncher to join me on my next expedition. Then I can film everything instead of having to write it down.
I'm always getting the Munchies, especially early in the morning. But I'm not talking about a case of the nibbles, I mean those tasty-looking Moshlings. Munchies are at their most active before sunrise, so that's when I go out looking for them. Whether it's brekkie with a Boiled Boffin or elevenses with a Buttery Breadhead, I always enoy a quick snack whilst observing Munchies. Why? Well, they look good enough to eat!
I'm not much of a musician but I do like parping my kazoo from time to time. Musos love cool music but haven't got time for old 'Bum-note Bumblechops'. Cheek! That said, I did consider putting together a Muso band and entering the M Factor. Thankfully a Boogie-Woogie Bugle and Punky Monkey talked me out of it after just one rehearsal. They said Simon Growl would split his high pants laughing. Rrrude!
I've heard millions of myths on my travels but none are as outlandish as the ones surrounding Mythies. This legendary set of Moshlings includes Valiant Vikings and Ginger McMoshlings. But even they can't compete with the tall stories surrounding the Bumblechops family. My Great Uncle Snufflepeeps once told me that my ancestors were kings of Splatlantis, princes of the swooniverse and owners of a small chain of shoe shops. A likely tale!
These mischievous Moshlings are always causing trouble. On a recent fact-finding trip to a Naughties convention I had my socks stolen by a Sneaky TeaLeaf, my backside toasted by an Amazin' Blazin' Raisin, and my face covered in enchanted bubblegum thanks to a Teeny Genie. To cap it all, an Uppity Croc Monsieur bit me when I complained!
Nick Nacks
Before I met this mingle-mangle of Moshlings I thought Nick Nacks were objects that collected dust on the mantelpiece. But I realize now they are move than just tourist mementos. In fact, I'm going on a mini expedition very soon to search ths lofts, cellars and drawers of Monstro City, as I hear Nick Nacks love to hide in such places. I might even look in the boot of my Bumble Buggy because that's where I discovered my first Tardy Timer!
Caution: this set may contain nuts. Well, not quite, but the Nutties are certainly tough nuts to crack because their protective shells are rock hard. But once you get to know them they are a friendly bunch. I've encountered Nutties all over the world of Moshi, from Goober Gulch and the Gombala Gombala Jungle to Wingledeed Woods. I even presented a live gardening show alongside a Woodland Walnut in Wobbly Woods! 
You'd think being stuck in a pot might be a bit annoying, but Potties seem to love it. I do too, as it makes collecting these cute little critters easier than pulling your socks up. I even allow a few Potties inside Bumblechops Manor. They're fang-tastic houseguests but you have to be careful - sitting on a snoozing Tickly Pickle is a real pain in the backside. Spiky!
The real puzzle about Puzzlies is how these head-scratchingly strange Moshlings remained hidden for so long! They are really riddles wrapped in enigmas inside a moshtery. Or funny-looking critters, depending on your point of view! I'm thinking of installing a games room in Bumblechops Manor so that all he Puzzlies I've collected can play together. I'd love to know if a Baffled Bit could beat a Nifty Shifty in a game of Moshi/Mash!
The Daily Growl once described me as the 'original rock star of Moshlingology'. That's very flattering, but I'm not a true Roxstar. Creepy Crooners and Quirky Koalas are flamboyant little Moshlings who love performing in public. Well they like showing off in restaurants and posing on Stardust Street! The nearest I've come to anything that showy is fronting the TV ad campaign for Wobble-ade. It's the fizziest dizziest soda in town, don't you know!
I've just put a huge aquarium in my Moshling Sanctuary for all the Salties I've discovered. Sometimes I slip on my flippers and dive in to watch their watery ways. It's great fun bobbing along with Mollycoddled Manamanas, but Selfish Shellfish are a different story, as they enjoy nipping my toes, biting my nose and shoving their magical pearls down my snorkel.
When you've been on as many adventures as me, fear is not an option. But even I felt a shiver down my spine the first time I saw the Screamies. Probably because a Boggy Swampling had just plopped an ice cube down my back! But I've grown to love these creepy Moshlings. Apart from Little Red Riding Wolves, their bark is usually worse than their bite. I even took a Gone-Wrong Blob to a Halloween bash at Goosebump Manor. Unfortunately the poor thing was mistaken for a jelly and covered in custard!
Psst, wanna know a secret? These very special Moshlings include Baby Rox, the controversial Glitzy BooHoo, who replaced the artist formerly known as . . . no, I can't tell you, it's a secret. All I can say is that she threw her toys out of the pram before vanishing! And if you think that's weird, wait until you hear about the other Secrets, highly collectable critters that . . . oops, sorry, time for me to zip it!
Some say a smile's just a curve that sets everything straigh. But if that were true I wouldn't have got into such a pickle for smiling at a Smiley Moshling. It wasn't a Sparkly Sweetheart or even a Jabberling Jibberling. A Persuasive Pusskins mesmerized me into giving it all my supplies before vanishing into Wobbly Woods. It even took my socks!
A sprinkle of magic is sometimes all you need to solve a tricky situation. But Luvli can't be on hand 24/7, so that's when I turn to the Sparklies. These enchanting Moshlings have special powers. Forgetful Fairies can sew daisy chains together - perfect for rescuing Moshlingologists who've tumbled into custard swamps. And Shooting Stars can travel faster than the speed of light so they can save you before you've even fallen in!
Whenever I set sail on Potion Ocean aboard my research ship, the Windigo II, I always take a few ploshies along because these soggy Moshlings make ideal crewmates. I use a Supah Loofah to swab the deck, a Splodgy Sucker to plug any leaks, a Cranky Codfather to help navigate stormy seas, and a Magical inkler to spread joy and happiness amongst the crew. Yo, ho, ho!
Forget Trembly Stadium, here within my Moshling Sanctuary I'm building a giant enormodome so that all my Sporties can compete in the all-new Moshlympics. Several Boinging Balls are organizing a boinging tournament, and a team of Humongous Hogsnorters are flexing their pecs outside as I write. But they're not competing, they're helping to lay the Astroturf!
Techies 2.0
I can't get my head around all these newfangled gadgets. I toasted my ear with the iron when my new phone rang the other day! Thankfully, Techies 2.0 are user-friendly Moshlings. I've cooked supper with a Popty-Ping, calculated the cost of my whackcurrants using a Mini Moshulator and had a quick wiggle on a Fiddly Twiddlestick. They really are clever little gizmos but . . . sorry, must dash, I need to shovel coal into my computer.
Exploring ancient temples is one of my favourite hobbies so I often head to the banks of the River Smile or the Yakkety Sax Sandbar in search of new Moshlings. Getting sand in your socks is annoying but it's worth it to hang out with Toomies. Just the other day I performed a moonlit sand dance with a Barking RahRah and had a go on a Funky Pharaoh's ancient golden saxophone. 
I love anything with wheels, and often spend hours whizzing around in my Bumble Buggy. But even my driving skills can't compete with Wheelies. These nippy critters are tricky to track as they can zoom round all kinds of terrain at breakneck speeds. That's why I usually try to heard them towards the nearest flight of stairs because Wheelies struggle with steps - and so do I when I forget I'm wearing my roller skates. Aaargh!
Timberrr! Sometimes you can't see the Woodies for the trees - and that's because these forest-dwelling Moshlings aren't keen to meet Moshlingologists. Okay-Dokey Hokey-Pokies, for instance, are usually too busy hiding in bushes to come and play. But who can blame them when villains such as Biggie Diddles III rip down Moshi forests in search of buried custard and hidden chocolate? It's my new eco mission to stop him!
Tickle my pickle and slap my silly sausages! Sorry, but I can't help talking in an excitable manner whenever I come across a Yeehaw. These hick-tastic Moshlings are often misunderstood because they spend so much time line-dancing around Whoop 'n' Holler Valley. I find talking to them in a slow drawl whilst chewing shredded Oobla Doobla gets the best response. The last time I spoke to a Seal with a Reel in my normal voice he took offence and hit me with a hubcap.
I've done some pretty yucky things on expeditions over the years. But swimming in curdled custard and having a Pixel-Munching Snaffler barf a rainbow on your shoes doesn't compare to the Yuckies. This icky Moshling set includes Lickity Lizards and Snuffy Splurgees. And let's not even mention Waddling Floffles because the last time I saw one it spewed a tummy-full of barbecued ladybird wings over my head. And I wasn't wearing my hat. :(
I've heard rumours of Zoshling sightings for many moons. But it wasn't until the Zoshlings' Rhapsody 2 spaceship crashlanded on Music Isalnd that I became a true believer. Since then I've had several close encounters of the Zoshi kind. I've even ridden on Splutnik's jetpack and sampled some of first Officer Ooze's gloop. It's out of this world!


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