The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide is the third book in the Moshlings Collector's Guide series, all written by Buster Bumblechops, which contains information on catching Moshlings. A total of 74 Moshlings have been added since the last guide.


Monstro City is packed with brand-new Moshlings! The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide contains Buster Bumblechops' essential guide to exactly who they all are, where they hang out, what they like and dislike and how you can collect them. Unmissable reading for any Moshling fan!


  • The book did not feature a "virtual gift". Instead, you had to send a photograph with your Monster's name written on a paper along with your copy of this guide to Buster's e-mail. In return, Buster would provide you a code for Blurb Beans so you could catch Peeps.
    • When the book was released, it took just under two months for Peeps to be released, due to Buster Bumblechops seemingly having trouble catching them, as stated in the wikichat visits.


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