Super Moshi is the character you play as and thus the proganist of the Super Moshi Missions.


You are enlisted with the Super Moshis when accepting Elder Furi's gift and will be given your job when approachin the Volcano which is secretly Moshi HQ. The benefits of being a Super Moshi to Moshi Monsters is that you have access to more Moshlings and you gain XP and Rox from finishing missions.


Super Glump
Super Glump is an identity stolen from a glump named "Gloopy". To be given entrance in the Candy Cane Caves in Season 1: Mission 4: Candy Catastrophe Super Glump
Super Glump NPC files
Boxomatic 2.5 Deluxe
Boxomatic 2.5 Deluxe is a robot identity Super Moshi took on to trick Sprockett and Hubbs. Sprockett takes confusion in your rather bad design and sushed Hubbs who outright says you look like trash. You assume yourself to be a maintenance robot, only to destroy the Glump-o-Tron 3000 and thus distracting Sprockett and Hubbs of the Sun Smasher 9000 blueprint, which Super Moshi proceeds to deface. Boxomatic 2.5 Deluxe
Boxomatic 2.5 Deluxe NPC files
Eggmould Trap
Not an identity. Super Moshi was put in here when caught by Biggie Diddles III and left for you to be turned into a chocolate egg. From inside this place, you try to reason with Marcel to convince him to free you. S3M2 Super Moshi Eggmould
Super Moshi Eggmould NPC files

Personality & Habits

Super Moshi is often the "straight monster" towards strange situation and full of trickery, as they manipulate people (friends and foes!) in order to achieve their goals. Super Moshi is genuinely involved, concerned and devoted, depending on your optional questions. They have no idea who Zack Binspin is.


Depending on what monster you picked when creating an account, that monster will be your hero. So they are either a Luvli, Diavlo, Zommer, Furi, Poppet or Katsuma, in the colour scheme of your picking, dressed in the Super Moshi outfit.

Super Moshi often dresses up in an outfit that obscures the body to grant the game developers artistic freedom of not having to draw six separate characters for certain minigames and scenes.


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