Suey the Bashful Bowlhead is an Ultra-Rare Moshling who is in the Munchies set in Moshi Monsters. Suey is a walking bowl of noodles with chopsticks and a Japanese topping called narutomaki. Their noodles are edible but Suey's 'chopsticks' are sensitive feelers.

Suey was confirmed in The Ultimate Moshlings Collector's Guide and in the Ultimate Sticker Collection.


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Bashful Bowlheads love to hang out with Kittens of Good Fortune (Tingaling) so don't be surprised if they are together.
I first encountered a Bashful Bowlhead on Hong Bong Island. It was about to scarper so I tried to grab the sticks in their bowly brain, but then my translator, Dr Unwin Babble (Who travelled extensively in Hong Bong) explained that their chopsticks are actually sensitive feelers used to sense danger. It took me ages to get the soy sauce out of my socks! Tasty!

Mini Bio

Feeling peckish? Then why not hook up with a Bashful Bowlhead because these shy Moshlings produce a never-ending supply of slurp-tastic noodles from their bowl-like bonces. You'll need a knife and a fork because their chopsticks are actually sensitive feelers used to sense danger.

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Bashful Bowlheads like Suey are made in Won Ton Bay on Hong Bong Island. These why dishes of the day have bowl-shaped heads that hold never-ending supplies of oodles of noodles! Just don't try to use a Bowldead's chopsticks to eat the noodles, as they're actually delicate feelers that they use to sense danger.
Tangy taste
Hot and spicy Bowlheads love five-spice crisps and flavoursome fortune cookies, which they search for in the Terry Aarch Keys. These chopsticky chums can't stand it if pointy cutlery comes too close, though, and they're petrified of lemon dishwasher tablets ruining their noodles' fiery flavour.
Fortune favours the bowls
Like all Bashful Bowlheads, Suey is very timid and finds it hard to make friends. But she believes in destiny, and feels that fate brought her together with Tingaling and the other Kittens of Good Fortune.
Data File
Moshling type: Munchies
Species: Bashful Bowlhead
Habitat: Won Ton Bay
Munchie mate: Fizzy

  • Noodles never run out, so dig in!
  • Chopstick-like feelers
  • A little body for such a big bowl head!

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These shy but popular Moshlings are handy to have around, especially when your tummy is grumbling, as they produce a never-ending supply of slurp-tastic noodles from their heads! Keep an eye out for them in Won Ton Bay on Hong Bong Island.


Won Ton Bay on Hong Bong Island. You'll also find Bashful Bowlheads searching for fortune cookies in the Terry Aargh Keys.



Spicy, timid, popular.


Kittens of Good Fortune and five-spice flavored crisps.


Cutlery and lemon dishwasher tablets.


  • Suey's name came from the American-Chinese cuisine, Chop Suey.
  • Their habitat "Terry Aargh Keys" is a pun on Teriyaki, a Japanese cooking technique.
  • Suey's audio file in-game is far louder than any of the other Moshlings.
    • Their in-game onclick SWF animation is the only Moshling file to date that has an audio file that occurs along with the animation itself. Normally, the animation and audio would be entirely separate.
  • Suey is a black belt in origami.







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