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Stashley Snoozer is a character who guards the entrance to The Port, on Main Street, in Moshi Monsters.

Hence the last name, Snoozer, Stashley is always sleeping. Despite this, the eyes in his hat "see everything, everywhere, every moment,"Moshipedia guarding the entrance when he is asleep. In addition to securing access to the port, he is also shown to have the ability to arrest monsters - proved when he arrested Art Lee for doodling over Monstro City in the Official Annual 2015.

In Katsuma Unleashed, he marks a checkpoint and if the player looses all three of their lives, he allows them to return to his most recent checkpoint which they have passed. 


Character Encyclopedia

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It may seem like Stashley Snoozer is always fast asleep, but he's actually keeping track of things with his furry hat! With four eyes in the front of his curious cap, Stashley is totally aware of everything that's happening on Main Street. Naughty monsters, watch out!
On guard!
Stashley is very well groomed, except for the scruffy hair on his hat! When he's awake he stands to attention, but it's hard to take Stashley seriously with his hilarious handlebar moustache.
Efficient snoozing
Stashley Snoozer is the greatest multitasking monster in all of Monstro City. He slouches on his stool, puts his paws up and catches 40 winks. Despite this, he is able to keep an eye out for trouble on Main Street, thanks to his hat.
Data file
Hangout: Main Street
Catchphrase: "Eye can spy you!"
Hobbies: Snoring, polishing boots, ironing his uniform
Often Spotted: Almost falling off his stool

  • All-seeing hat
  • Stashley keeps his moustache nicely waxed
  • The baton is just for show - it's actually made of soft rubber!


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Stashley often appears to be sleeping, but stays attentive 24/7 through the clever use of his hat, which can see everything, everywhere, every moment. So don't try anything funny!


  • Introduced with the release of membership and The Port.
  • Katsuma Unleashed - "Checkpoint"
  • Official Annual 2015 - Arrests Art Lee


  • Stashley's Mash up card places him in the "Monstro City" group rather than in the "Main Street" group along with all the other characters from Main Street.