Splutnik is an ultra-rare "Moshling" in the Zoshlings set within the Moshi Monsters franchise. Splutnik is the chief engineer of the Rhapsody 2 and uses their jetpack to perform impressive feats.

Splutnik is first found in the mission "Welcome To Jollywood" where they are in a trance. The player must help them out of it in order to proceed.


Splutnik is the hyperactive Zoshling capable of rocketing from one side of the Silky Way to the other in less than twelve argh-secs. Apparently it's all down to his amazing jetpack. I wouldn't mind one myself to help rocket out of sticky situations. And just imagine how quickly I could round up Moshlings! Besides serving as chief engineer aboard the Rhapsody 2, this bubble-brained geek is a kazoo maestro, and also discovered the Bossanova Goopernova when he was still a space cadet. That would be even more impressive if I had the faintest idea what the Bossanova Goopernova is!

Mini Bio

Meet the hyperactive Zoshling capable of rocketing across the Silky Way in just twelve argh-secs. Besides serving as chief engineer aboard the Rhapsody 2, Splutnik is a kazoo maestro, and discovered the Bossanova Goopernova when he was still a space cadet.

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Space-brained Splutnik is an energetic zooming Zoshling who can rocket-race across the Silky Way on his jet pack in less than 12 seconds. Zwhoosh! This fast-moving extraterrestrial is also quick-thinking, so he is well suited to his role as Chief Engineer on board the Rhapsody 2, the Zoshlings' high-tech spacecraft. =
Intergalactic genius
Famous for being the Zoshling who discovered the Bossanova Goopernova when he was just a young space cadet, Splutnik has always been a super space geek. When he's not dazzling his alien pals with his cosmic intelligence, he likes to relax by playing the kazoo.
Missing in action
After the Rhapsody 2 crashed, the Super Moshis found Splutnik at Bobbi SingSong's yoga retreat in Jollywood. Evil Big Chief Tiny Head had put Splutnik in a deep trance in order to steal his jet pack!
Data File
Habitat: Swooniverse
Job: Chief Engineer of the Rhapsody 2
Zoshling crew: Captain Squirk, First Officer Ooze, Dr C. Fingz

  • Enormous brain protected by helmet.
  • Trusty jet pack
  • Holding on very tightly!


Unexplored Area.png

The planet Symphonia but Splutnik enjoys whooshing around the Way-Outta-Sphere strapped to his jetpack.



Cosmic, crazy, nitro-charged.


Rocket fuel and space rock music.


Bad special effects and trombones.


  • His name is a pun of the Russian satellite: "Sputnik".
  • In Season 2: Mission 6, Big Chief Tiny Head puts him in a trance to do research on Splutnik's jet-pack. Big Chief Tiny Head used his jet-pack to create blueprints for the Glumponauts.
  • There used to be a glitch that if you clicked on him, he would have the same sound as Dr. C. Fingz.
    • The sound of Dr. C. Fingz was actually cut short when it was played, you didn't hear the "hoaayyy" bit at the end.
  • Splutnik's jetpack is fuelled by cosmic gloop.
  • He's the only 'flying' Moshling who's technically not flying. In his coding, he is coded as a grounded Moshling like most Moshlings, meaning he is at level with all the others, not including the likes of Ecto and Wurley, for example. This means that the space between Splutnik and the floor are actually attached to him and his file. This again explains why you have to wash his shadow in Moshling Clean-Up.
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