Planting 3 Special Seeds

Special Seeds are a type of Seed in Moshi Monsters, which can only be obtained by codes. They are given the name 'Special Seeds' because these seeds cannot be bought and are unique in design and function.

If one is to plant more than one special seed, only one Moshling will be attracted. (shown right)

Despite claims from Moshi Monsters themselves, only the special seed on its own needs to be planted, and the Moshling will be attracted without two other seeds of any kind.

Merchandise Seeds

These Moshlings can be obtained by Special Seeds. The player can get the codes for these seeds by buying Moshi Monsters Merchandise, subscribing to the Moshi Monsters Magazine, receiving prizes online or find them in specific locations. Some of these seeds will grow into a Golden Flower, like the Cards and Plush Seeds.

Event Seeds

These seeds can be obtained through special Moshi real life events.

Prize Seeds

These seeds are available to obtain in-game as a prize or by a secret code; or a competition such as the monthly Fuddy charitable deed.

Cards and Plush Seeds

Special Seed grown

Several Moshlings have two or more seed combinations, one of which contains a Special Seed. Their Special Seeds can be obtained with codes found on special Moshling Madness Code Cards, found in one in five packets, or Moshling Plushes. All of these seeds will grow into a special golden flower, except for the Nutty Flips, Aster-oids, Call-i Flower and Jolly Flowers.


Unreleased Seeds

There are a few unreleased seeds, their designs and names have been found via .swf files although they aren't currently released.

Planned Seeds

There are some seeds which were planned then deleted.


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