Snozzle Wobbleson is the owner of the Gross-ery Store on the Main Street.

He appeared in Candy Catastrophe, where he showed the Super Moshis the back food storage of his store and the Candy Cane Caves.


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Snozzle Wobbleson started out his career as a Stock Monster at the Gross-ery Store. but everything he picked up slipped through his wobbly grip and made a splat-tastic mess everywhere! Luckily, Snozzle was soon given the more suitable job of cashier, which he loves. Except when he has to handle jelly, that is!
Wobbleson creations
Despite his busy day job, Snozzle still finds to invent monsterific new treats to sell. He cleverly concocted his own drink, "Essence of Gloop", and in honour of Growly Grub Day, sold his latest creations, Curry and Saffron flavoured Glump Cakes. Yum!
What a mess!
Snozzle doesn't like to think back to his messy time working in the stock room. He is much happier floating around the shop, serving all the hairy customers.
Data File
Hangout: Gross-ery Store
Catchphrase: "Snozzle stocks the lot!"
Likes: Wobbling contests, dodge ball
Often spotted: Snacking on Slopcorn

  • Wobbly frame
  • Jelly legs


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Snozzle Wobbleson started out as a Gross-ery Stock Monster, but everything kept slipping through his wobbly frame. He was soon promoted to cashier after dropping sixteen cartons of eggs and making a real mess of things. Snozzle loves his job and creating new and tasty treats!

Fact file

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Magazine issue 34 p29

Snozzle Wobbleson is often compared to a mitten-clad cauliflower squished in a bizarre kinda jar but you don't become chief cashier in the Gross-ery Store on looks alone.
You see, Snozzle got the job because he can juggle soggy splatsumas whilst mopping up Sludge Fudge spills faster than you can say 'unexpected item in the bagging area'. Plus, he can flit down an aisle in seconds.
Poor Snozzle! He spends hours every day making sure his stockroom is super neat and tidy, and in Candy Catastrophe (Mission 4, Season 1), it was completely messed up by the gross Glumps. Luckily, the Super Moshis were on hand to help tidy it up!
The main ingredient in most monster food is goo, and Snozzle likes to make his own. Why don't you have a go? Here's his secret recipe:

What you need:
1 cup cornflour
Green food colouring
What to do:
Put the cornflour and the food colouring into a bowl. Add a small amount of water and mix it all together with your hands.

Accompanying Elder Furi speech: "Snozzle's goo is very special. It will seem solid until you try to pick it up! Why don'y you try hitting it like a drum or rolling it into a ball? Remember, only monsters can eat goo!
Family ties
Snozzle comes from a long line of Wobblesons, but aside from his auntie (who sells yucky homemade snacks on a festival stall) the only relative Snozzle ever sees is his cousin Boggle, a custard pump attendant who lives near Whoop 'n' Holler Valley.
Stacking shelves and storeroom snoozes.
Self-service tills and fingerless gloves
Hands on head? Sort of, because Snozzle's mitts are placed just above his eyes, so reaching for boxes of Shredded Feet is easy.

(Page 29, Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 34)


Snozzle is a jellyfish/squid-like creature with his body visible through his green translucent head, making him look like broccoli. He has four yellow and orange striped tentacles and two antlers. He has bright red eyes and a big smile with a light yellow blush.


Date Area Event
January 15, 2008 (beta) The Daily Growl[1] First mention of the Gross-ery Store in The Daily Growl. Therein, Miss Pinky talks about how she'll buy anything cheap so she can save up her Rox for stock at Yukea and Bizarre Bazaar.
April 16, 2008 Gross-ery Store Moshi Monsters starts,[2] with the Gross-ery Store starting shop forthwith.
April 24, 2008 The Daily Growl[3] Talks about a Gross-ery Store purchase strategy of sticking toward items that are most efficient in terms of price and Happiness and Health.
November 19, 2010 Season 1 Mash Up Has a card
26th May 2011 Season 1: Mission 4: Candy Catastrophe Plays a secondary role after the sweets he sold (Barfmallows, Scummi Bears and Lolliplops) made everyone sick and were associated with criminal activities. Super Moshi is supposed to help him by cleaning out his shelves. He then guides them to the Candy Cane Caves (and back to his store if needed). He readily offers advice on Glumps and Morph Stones and encourages to ask again if help is needed.
September ?, 2011 Season 2 Mash Up Has a card
November 17, 2011 Mega Bloks: Gross-ery Store[4] Has an exclusive figurine
February 20, 2012 The Daily Growl[5] In preparation for Growly Grub Day, Snozzle ordered to the extent that he'd ask Roary if he could write on his newspaper. He asks the citizens of Monstro City to send him a commercial no longer than thirty seconds long to advertise his store, thereby re-accumulating the money he overspent.
January 14, 2013 The Daily Growl[6] Talks about Snozzle's new sold ware, Bongo Colada. Snozzle is mentioned, burping upon Roary's interviewing.
March 5, 2013 The Daily Growl[7] Talks about the more crude-looking items sold at Snozzle's store. Also tells us that Slop is the most popular item.
September 26, 2014 Fact file Has his own fact file
May 19, 2014 Moshi Monsters Village Quest character
June 27, 2016 The Daily Growl[8] Extreme Closeup! puzzle


  • Upon the release of Series 5 Figures, Vivid missed out Snozzle Wobbleson's figure from series packs and had to add it in months later due to fan complaints.[1]





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