Sludge Street midground

A rather rudimentary Sludge Street foreground design

  Sludge Street is one of three streets in Monstro City. In Sludge Street, building-wise, there is the Marketplace, Horrods, the D.I.Y. Shop, Games Starcade, Dodgy Dealz, and the For Rent building, and other attractions include the lake to the west, Thump O Glump access and barnyard.

Residents / Frequenters


Other attractions include:

  • The lake, where Billy Bob Baitman is sighted
  • An Underground Disco entrance (shed to the left of the derelict For Rent building)

For Rent building

For Rent building

On the far left of Sludge Street is a nailed-up building with a badly spelled "for rent" sign. In it, there is a large wheel hidden behind the guise that is the For Rent Building, visible from one of the shattered windows externally, with a secret code (it differentiates for each user, though it is always a 3-letter noun) you must give to the Gatekeeper, who stands guard outside of The Volcano, the Super Moshis' headquarters. After providing it, you receive a gift from the Elder Furi, the Super Moshis' leader, that implores you to help them due to strange occurrences in Monstro City.

Nature seems to have taken its mark on the building; there are vines inside and out of it, with some of it appearing to have caused the global shattered windows. The grey render seems to be peeling off in the second-floor interval, revealing a brown surface, and the windows and doorway are extensively bordered up—one may wonder how the player's monster enters.

Speaking of entering, it is only possible to go inside once, and the first visit is the last.

The building was originally going to be another shop on Moshi Monsters, though the idea was dropped down by the Moshi Monsters team.

The building is also not to scale since, even with being set back from the road, is significantly smaller than the other buildings and monsters in proximity. On the map, too, the building is minute.


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Market Place
List of Marketplace wares

This is where users buy clothes for their monsters. There are currently 6 different shops owned by a monster; Katsuma Klothes sells clothes designed for Katsumas, with the store having a Japanese autumnal feel to it; Poppet's Closet sells Poppet-tailored clothing, with a pink paint job and frontage; Furi Fashion sells Furi-based clothes, with an almost neanderthal (in terms of the wallpaper colours and surfaces) look; Diavlo's Duds sells Diavlo-designed threads, with a warm, volcano feel; Zommer's Drop Dead Threads sells an array of Zommer-designed clothes, with a contrived neglected look that almost reflects that of the For Rent building; and Luvli Looks sells Luvli-geared clothing, having a neat and established look that largely reflects Luvlis in general. Each piece of clothing the user buys automatically goes to the Dress Up Room, and any items can be purchased from any shop, though the respective ones have specific fittings, and most clothes come in different sizes for each monster. There are certain items which fit all monsters, thus being sold in each shop inside. Interestingly, Poppet's Closet has "Est. 2004" imprinted on the window, perhaps implying that it was the first shop in the Marketplace or first in a different location.

The Marketplace was opened in 2012, with a banner sporting this.


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Horrods HQ
List of Horrods wares

Horrods, a shop of evident expenses, is one of the more lavish shops of Monstro City and, naturally, a Member's store due to this. Mizz Snoots, an OxSnout scholar, Miss Preen Magazine highlighter and Mizz Monstro City winner, owns the shop, selling exquisite items of notable rarity, including things such as the Magic Mirror, Duster of Destiny, The Stinker, Evil Sock Puppet and Platinum Pants of Power[citation needed], and it is just as well due to it being based on Harrods, a shop with prices in the same realm as that of Horrods'. The main theme is pottery, vases and traditional, Victorian-looking assets, with the majority of sold items being normal inventory stock, though there are several wallpapers, windows, doors and floors, too.


Other attractions include:

D.I.Y. Shop

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D.I.Y. Shop
List of D.I.Y. Shop wares

Owned by Dewy, the D.I.Y. Shop sells more practical items, such as shelves and modern or bare items, like brick wallpapers and building blocks. Despite the sales' neatness, the owner is certainly the antithesis of what you may expect, being excessively cumbersome and messy, much to the dislike of his best friend and, ironically, rival, Moe Yukky, owner of Yukea on Main Street. The presentation truly contemplates Dewy's disposition, too, with many imperfections and inconsistencies in the roof, windows and brickwork. Nonetheless, the store is successful and idiosyncratic at that.

Games Starcade

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Games Starcade

The Games Starcade has a linear selection of assets but is the only store in the entire game sporting its stock: games. In particular, arcade machines - it is the epitome of a 1980's throwback, even to the extent of architectural value and aesthetics. Posters line the internal walls, though the ones inside are ironically not sold—in lieu, there is a selection of four wares, namely:

List of Games Starcade wares

The owner, Raarghly, is an octopus-like character who parades an unequivocal red, and handles a green UFO-like vehicle, heavily mirroring his passion for video games.

Dodgy Dealz

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Dodgy Dealz

Dodgy Dealz is a shop on Sludge Street. It opened its doors on July 17, 2008. Sly Chance, the owner is a shady, tentacled dealer. There you could sell everything that you don't need except clothes. He will buy it for 40% of what you bought it for, or you can "Take a Chance" in which he shows multiple cards, (each showing different percentages on them) then he shuffles them and you have to pick one. The percentages are all the tens from 10% to 100%. The shop is also the home of Ratty, a three-eyed rat.