Skeeter Rydell is a minor character in Moshi Monsters and an employee on Gift Island, presumably one of the Roarkers. He drives around on his scooter delivering packages.


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Monsterifically hardworking Skeeter Rydell drives up and down Gift Island all hours of the day and night on his slow, unsteady shiny red scooter. He's the only deliveryman on the whole of the island, so he's always in a hurry - there's no time like the present!
Scooter search
As well as delivering presents, scootin' tootin' Skeeter combs the streets of Gift Island looking for his wife and their seven children. Apparently they made their home out of presents somewhere, and since then he hasn't been able to find them!
Wrap, ride and go
Delivering gifts on the bustling, paper-rustling streets of Gift Island is a pretty big task, so as soon as Skeeter has reached a delivery destination, he has to Skeet-daddle on to the next. He doesn't mind though, because his deliveries make lots of people happy.
Data File
Hangout: Gift Island
Catchphrase: "Must scoot!"
Likes: Unwrapping presents
Often spotted: At scooter conventions

  • Keeps his eyes peeled.
  • Scooter in metallic Twistmas-present red.
  • The bigger the box, the better the present!


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Skeeter Rydell works long hours as Gift Island's only scooter-based delivery monster. He is searching for a wife and seven children who made their home out of presents, but so far has been unable to find them.


  • He bears resemblance to Mail Monster, both in appearance as in job, though the Mail Monster mainly appeared in early artwork and Moshi Monsters branded assets.



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