The Series 1 Figures are the first series of Moshi Monsters collectable figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. They were released on 4th March 2011.





Orange Glitter

These figures were released with the Moshi Monsters Originals series.

Collector Cards



  • Series 1 is the only series to date to feature 48 Figures; being the series that includes the most figures.
  • The special figures were purple and sparkly, since then further finishes have been released.
  • Gold versions of this series can also be found within Originals.
  • There were on show at the London Toy Fair in January 2012 along with Series 23, and 4.
    • In addition, previously, prototype figures were on show. They appeared to be much more detailed and each of the 5 figures on display have completely different moulds.
S1 Prototype Figures.png
  • This series along with the first series of figures in Canada are the only series that don't always have a special, rare or ultra-rare figure as the surprise Moshling in blister packs.
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