The Series 11 Figures are the eleventh series of Moshi Monsters collectable figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. They were released on August 29th, 2014.





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Promotion: Free The Moshlings

The theme of this series is "Free The Moshlings". Dr. Strangeglove has moshi-napped the series, when you purchase a packet, you obtain a code to enter at where you can play a game to save the Moshlings. The person with the highest overall score at the end wins a video of them freeing the Moshlings on social media, thus boosting the popularity of this series. The Moshi Monsters Magazine states the winner also has a chance to become a Moshi Toymaker's Apprentice.

Moshi Monsters Series 11 TV Advert

Moshi Monsters Series 11 TV Advert


  • On the SEA LIFE! Series 10 promotion website, a preview was found for Series 11 Figures showing the silhouettes of six brand new characters.
  • The commercial had mistakingly put Series 10 in their group shot. On September 9 (11 days after this first commercial launch), they had corrected their mistake by uploading a higher quality version of the commericial, featuring a groupshot of series 11. The flawed commercial can still be viewed on Vivid's YouTube channel.
Moshi Monsters Series 11 TV ad - S10 flaw

Moshi Monsters Series 11 TV ad - S10 flaw

The version including Series 10 Moshlings.

  • Series 11 was the last series to actually be a "series". Afterwards, figures were released in themed sets.


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