The Series 10 Figures are the tenth series of Moshi Monsters collectable figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. They were released on 23 May 2014.



Collector Cards


Moshi series 10

Moshi series 10


  • DAM Gallery 2013 Pinestein figure
    At the Design A Moshling Exhibition, it was stated Pinestein would be released with Series 10. This however, was untrue.
  • The promotional shot for this series was later incorrectly reused for the Series 11 Figures commercial.
  • Major Moony is referred to as "Major", both in packaging and in promotion.
  • Some Moshlings are missing details in their art.
    • On packaging and in countdown media, Ivy is missing the indents in their leaf.
    • On packaging and in countdown media, Vernon is missing the top half of their hat.


Promotional images

Countdown Images

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