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Seeds, also referred to as Moshling Seeds, are a type of item in Moshi Monsters used to attract Moshlings by growing them in the Moshling Garden.

By planting certain combinations of seeds in your garden one can attract a certain Moshling with a certain combination. As one will not know what kind of colour the plant growing from the seed has, one has to wait out till it blooms. If the flower is not the colour of taste of a Moshling one seeks, they have to dig the plant out and start anew.

There are eight normal seeds of which two Members-exclusive (found at Super Seeds). Other seeds are referred to as Special Seeds which are specific one-time-use seeds for one particular special Moshling. These seeds function as Coded Items and are to be obtained through various ways, such as buying merchandise.

Around July 2013, the designs of the seeds display was updated; before they would have a representative colour. Supposedly due to the confusion of design to display a yellow seed with a picture displaying another colour, they now depict a grey seed with the colour wheel possibilities in its background. Despite this, the colours green, orange and dark blue are present despite not being used in any combinations.

At the same time, specialised seeds that guaranteed certain colours were created (eg: Blue Magic Beans) however only few were obtainable, and none were available for purchase.


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Moshling Seeds
Available in Star Blossom, Love Berries, Dragon Fruit, Crazy Daisy, Magic Beans, Snap Apple, Moon Orchid and Hot Silly Peppers.
Rox Flowers
Rox flowers start out as regular seeds but a rare and undefined mutation causes the flowers to bloom Rox. Instant cash-back! Ker-ching!

Crazy Daisy old Crazy Daisy
Use this Super Seed as part of a combo to catch ShiShi or I.G.G.Y. and more!
Dragon Fruit old Dragon Fruit
Grow these special seeds in your Moshling Garden and you'll soon have tasty Dragon Fruit springing up all over the place! Dragon Fruit are what you need if you want to attract ShiShi, Hansel, Fifi, Purdy, DJ Quack or Prof. Purplex to your garden.
Hot Silly Peppers old Hot Silly Peppers
Combine Hot Peppers with Magic Beans and you might just end up attracting Sooki-Yaki. Combine Hot Silly Peppers with Love Berries and a pink Crazy Daisy and you could bag a Baby Blockhead.
Love Berries old Love Berries
If you want to attract Pilfering Toucans, Batty Bubblefish or Whinger Cats, then these are the seeds you'll need.
Magic Beans old Magic Beans
These beans really are bona fide Magic Beans. How else is it that they can attract the likes of Angel the SkyPony and Pooky the Potty Pipsqueak to your Moshling Garden?
Moon Orchid old Moon Orchid
Very attractive to werewolves...luckily there aren't any in Monstro City! Pretty Kitties, Princess Ponies and Rummaging Plotamuses all love Moon Orchids.
Snap Apple old Snap Apple
A tricky customer this one, just as likely to take a bite out of you as you are of it, but it's the plant you're going to need to grow in your garden if you want to attract the likes of McNulty the Undercover YapYap of Honey the Funny Bunny.
Star Blossom old Star Blossom
This radiant bloom is what you'll need if you're hoping to tap Squidge the Furry Heebee or catch Snookums the Baby Tumteedum.

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