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Season 3: Mission 5: Gustbusters is the fifth Mission in the third series, making it the twenty-fifth mission overall.

It came after the events/sagas Windy Wind-Up and Windy Wind-Up 2 and is related to them although they seem to be following an alternative storyline to one another.

It was confirmed in the 30th issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine (21st for Australian Magazine) and takes place on Pinkish Peak, a mountain on Music Island. There is also a picture of ' Breaking News' with Roary Scrawl saying "Weird Wiffy Clouds Spotted, Main Street monsters Under Snoozy Sleep Spell."

The name Gustbusters is a play on Ghostbusters but instead of busting ghosts, it's busting gusts (who are the Mighty Gustavo, Whiffy Wobbler and Stinkerton).


Release Dates

  • Part 1: 9th July, 2013
  • Part 2: 11th July, 2013
  • Part 3: 12th July, 2013





GustBusters Goodies!

Gustbuster new items preview.jpg

In July 2013, the Daily Growl, "7465 OUT NOW GustBusters Goodies!", released a load of Gustbusters related Items, Food and Clothing. Elements of the missions: jelly, smelly, mountains, clouds, ice scream, Sprinkles and Ice Scream Hoodoos are all included.

A total of six items shown did not release in shops for unknown reasons. Halloween of 2013, later that year, would also showcase items that never released.


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