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Masters of the Swooniverse is the seventh Super Moshi mission from Season 2. In this mission the Zoshlings (Set) are finally ready for blast off leaving to there own planet. Completing the mission gets the player a Ultra-rare Moshling, Scarlet O'Haira.

The Members of C.L.O.N.C. are doing a Top Secret Space Program, the player travels from room to room in the Zoshlings ship but end up finding out was a trap. In the escape pod, "Dr. Strangeglove" was Scarlet O'Haira. Strangeglove set a trap ejecting them into space.



  • The mission's title "Masters of the Swooniverse" is a pun on "Masters of the Universe", the title of the He-Man franchise.
  • Captain Squirk's "Big No! moment" in the accidental launch is a reference to Star Wars prequel trilogy in which Darth Vader infamously did a "Big No!".
  • The engine room's vending machine has a total of 6 vending items, although in-game there are merely 5. The missing item, coded as the third item, appears as a red block with the word "Item03" on it. It is unclear what this item was supposed to be. (Maybe an Epic)
    • That said, the amount of tokens found in the room is one token too many. Most likely this token was meant to be spend on this missing item.
  • There is an enginedoorkey02, which is not vendingitem04; the actual piece to the puzzle. This is the middle piece of the Engine Room's door, revealing Splutnik's face. A similar puzzle was put in Season 2: Mission 3: Bungle in the Jungle at the Walla Walla Watering Hole. Opening the file "enginedoorkey02.swf" reveals the "Inner Walla Walla key piece" (ring02.swf) of this similar puzzle.
  • The "Electric Boogaloo Mushroom" might be a parody of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, specifically the title.