Rhapsody 2

Welcome to Jollywood was the sixth mission to be released from of Season 2 Super Moshi Missions. The mission sees the The Super Moshis visit Jollywood as there is only one Zoshling left to track down, Splutnik. However, Big Chief Tiny Head from C.L.O.N.C. is causing more chaos. The Super Moshis are reunited with Elder Furi.

The mission can be played by visiting the Zoshling Ship Crash Site on Music Island or by clicking on the mission launcher.





Name Audio Name Audio
Jollywood Marketplace ambience
S2M6 Jollywood Marketplace ambience
Yoga Retreat ambience
S2M6 Retreat Stew ambience
Yoga Retreat + Stew ambience
S2M6 Retreat Stew ambience
Yoga Retreat Stew ambience.ogg
S2M6 Temple ambience
Groovy Gateway slow
S2M6 Groovy Gateway slow
Groovy Gateway normal
S2M6 Groovy Gateway normal
Groovy Gateway fast
S2M6 Groovy Gateway fast
Yoga Retreat Jukebox
S2M6 Retreat Jukebox
Super Moshi plays flute
S2M6 Retreat play flute
Do The Scrub Step!
S2M6 Do The Scrub Step
Temple Dance Floor fixed
S2M6 Temple Dance Floor
Diabolical Disco Bobbi's Sitar
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Bobbi's Sitar
Diabolical Disco Clap
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Clap
Diabolical Disco Retro
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Retro
Diabolical Disco Vocal
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Vocal
Diabolical Disco Vocal Bobbi
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Vocal Bobbi
Diabolical Disco text 1
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - One step here and one step there
Diabolical Disco text 2
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Head to the left, head to the right
Diabolical Disco text 3
S2M6 Diabolical Disco - Finger snap and twich your neck


  • First appearance of Big Chief Tiny Head.
  • First Officer Ooze is absent.
  • Elder Furi and the Super Moshis were reunited in the mission.
  • There is an animation mistake where Moe Pukka's eye colour keeps changing from green to blue.
  • If the player drags the Red flowers to their monster, they will comment; “This flower is exactly what Nozzle wanted!” There exists no character with this name. It is likely they ment to say Snozzle, who is a relative of Snozzani. The dialoge should have said that the flower is exaclty what Snozzani wanted.
  • Blue Jeepers does not mind you taking his watering can, allthough he accused you of attempting to steal when you clicked on it earlier.
  • Although the Blue Jeepers doesn't react when their flowers are altered or taken, when dragging said item to them, they will reply "What'd you do to my flower??"

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