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The Curse of the Paw Wavin' Kitten is the fifth mission in the second series, making it the fifteenth mission overall. In this mission, the Zoshlings need a steering wheel for their ship, which happens to be located on board of a ship called the Gooey Galleon.

Here be a tale of Moshi Pirates
Sailing the Seventy Seas
Running amok on Hong Bong Island
Plundering loot as they pleased

It seems they were strangely smitten
By a magical paw wavin kitten
So they locked it up with the rest of their booty
Throwing away the keys

But here comes the end of this verse
They were struck by a pesky curse
And they ran aground on Music Island
Things could only get worse





  • The story told in the verse of the trailer is different from what is told in-game.
    • They threw away the keys but according to Jaunty they lost them.
    • They locked up Tingaling, treating her as booty. But Jaunty claims they locked her up because she kept running away.
  • Due to the curse, it is unclear if anything the Marooned Five do in the mission is non-regular behaviour.
  • It is not clear what sort of "curse" the Marooned Five was under. As Jaunty Jack can explain his shipmates are acting odd, he thus somehow avoided being cursed. Mavis was clearly not cursed either.