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Bungle in the Jungle is a mission from Super Moshi Missions: Season Two of the missions. It is the third mission in Season 2 missions and the 13th mission overall.


  1. Captain Squirk
  2. Woolly Hoodoos
  3. Big Chief Bill
  4. Big Bad Bill
  5. Little Bad Bill
  6. Crazy Bill
  7. Dundee
  8. Sprockett
  9. Hubbs
  10. Green Hoodoo Honcho
  11. Kook
  12. Woolly
  13. Gordon Ranty
  14. Creepy Crawlies
  15. Elder Furi (staff)
  16. Dr. Strangeglove (mention)



  • Things hide in the darkest places.
  • Give Dundee an extra fried treat.
  • Only given to the master chef.

Original Version

Upon release, the mission had more content and possibilities that where removed after several necessary bug fixes.

  • One could navigate the Gombala Gombala Jungle and decide which area to explore firstly. As for example Big Bad Bill's area required light, one had to first venture to Crazy Bill who initially had the Hoodoo Lamp item - this item is still visible in his shack but Chief will hand you the lamp before you leave Hoodoo HQ. It was a more extended fetch quest like a real adventure game. However, the navigation had troubling controls and got complaints. Now, you are teleported to the locations you have to be without ability to go back and forth and thus given the items you are required to have.
  • Crazy Bill's microwave had to be put on the specific time noted in the Hoodoo Stew recipe.


  • If you give Super Moshi the Hoodoo Recipe book before talking to Crazy Bill in Snaggletooth Swamp, a raw Oobla Doobla appears without having to have talked to Crazy Bill. You cannot however just continue from this point by putting it in Dundee's bowl, for Super Moshi will comment to talk to Sprockett and Hubbs first and clicking them results into Super Moshi suggesting to talk to Crazy Bill first.


  • S2M3 Hoodoo Pongoo removed asset sprite 11.png
    The minigame Hoodoo Pongoo had a different "lose" screen to accompany the "win" screen but they eventually refrained from calling the player a "loser".
  • The Hoodoo Pong arcade is designed after the original Pong arcade from 1972.
  • Like any video game, Pong is pixel based and the ball in-game would be depicted as a square. However, Hoodoo Pongoo features a "perfect" circle, which is an impossible graphical feat.



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