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Sandy Drain Shenanigans is the second mission to be released in Season 2 Super Moshi Missions. The Super Moshis greet Captain Squirk at the Zoshling ship, which has located crew member First Officer Ooze at the famous Sandy Drain Hotel. You'll bump into Simon Growl and Zack Binspin and also meet the new owner, Frau Now BrownKau. What's wrong with her teeth?





  • In the first dialogue with Captain Squirk, you have the option to nap instead of going on a mission. You can continue to do this forever.
  • This is the only mission to take place in the Sandy Drain Hotel.
  • A room at Sandy Drain Hotel costs 5 million Rox per night, according to Frau BrownKau.
  • When Frau BrownKau enters the lobby, you can still talk to Simon Growl. He limits his dialoge to simply "Meh".
  • As Frau Brownkau is a cow, her method of draining Ooze is fairly similair to milking.
  • First Officer Ooze's "Moshling" animation shows him hiding in his shell for protection, he must have been put into a state (similair to Splutnik), disabling him from using his hiding reflex.
  • You cannot enter the house Simon Growl occupies as you only get Keycard 1 and 3. But Keycard 2 does exist in the coding. So any quest related to Simon was pulled out. (Likely due to getting past Mission content limit)