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Season 2: Mission 10: Cosmic Countdown is the final mission of Season 2. It is the tenth mission of the second series, which makes it the twentieth mission overall.


Thursday, 6th December, 2012

Mini Games

Player: Splutnik

Goal: Chase Sweet Tooth and avoid the chewed bubblegum.

  • Glumponauts

Player: Super Moshi

Goal: Stop the Glump-o-nauts and avoid the Glump Goo and Dr. Strangeglove.



  • You must find the two key pieces and combine them together.
  • The first key piece is with Sweet Tooth's on the left room. You and Dr. C. Fingz are stuck on caramel, so Splutnik will chase Sweet Tooth on a mini game.
  • The second key piece is with Big Chief Tiny Head's on the right room,You must make a Sleeping Potion to escape and free the Zoshlings (If you make the Bungle Jungle Juice (Oobla Doobla, Fizzy Milk, Creepy Cola Crush, Essence of Blue Hoodoo), Big Chief Tiny Head will say, "Bungle Jungle Juice! This drink Big Chief's favourite! I think I keep you!").
  • Go to the red tower and the Zoshlings will make the Cosmic Harmony which will stop the countdown.
  • You must stop the Glumponauts on a Mini Game.


  • While there are only 11 drinks to mix for Big Chief Tiny Head, there is a 12th item in the files, namely "drink_1.swf". It contains a yellow square with the text "drink_1".


  • Purple Oobla Doobla - what a juicy Purple Oobla Doobla!
  • Fizzy Milk - I wonder how it gets so fizzy...
  • Bogey Bubbleade - does this really have bogies in it?
  • Mystery Potion - I wonder what this is...
  • Creepy Cola Crush - There's nothing like a classic Creepy Cola Crush!
  • Perplexing Purple Potion - Hmm...This purple potion is perplexing...
  • Essence of Blue Hoodoo - Is this made from real blue Hoodoos?
  • Atomic Hot Sauce - Phew! This is heating me up already!
  • Spiced Slime - Mmm! Spiced Slime! Just slides right down!
  • Drinky Inky - Watch out! This will turn anything black!
  • Tangy Tropical Toe Jam - This tastes like sunshine!