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Pop Goes the Boo Boo is the fifth Super Moshi Mission of season 1, making it the fifth mission overall.

Someone has stolen Baby Rox's voice and it's the Super Moshis' job to get it back.

The mission can be played by clicking on the Super Moshi Missions button in your room or by visiting the Volcano.



  • Wallop (Visual: silhouette was shown on Buster's notes as a sneak peak)
  • Sweet Tooth (Visual: their hand print was on the banisters)
  • Sprockett (mentioned by Holga as the agent to program the Robo Quacks)
  • Dr. Strangeglove (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Mr. Snoodle (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Coolio (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Blurp (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Cheryl Troll (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Dustbin Beaver (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Fumble (Simon Growl's questionnaire)
  • Cap'n Buck (Simon Growl's questionnaire)


  • Rather than talking to Buster Bumblechops, players can go in his cupboard and click on the notepad. It will have the silhouette and some information on Wallop, who is the reward for Mission 10: Super Weapon Showdown.
  • Ecto's Cave can still be played in the mission.
  • 'Pop Goes the Boo Boo' was formerly named 'Pop Goes the Goo Goo' and featured Lady Goo Goo.
    • In 2013, Lady Goo Goo's roles in the mission were replaced by Baby Rox.
  • On the cover for the mission, Baby Rox has pink eyes, which is Lady GooGoo's eye colour.

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