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Missing Moshling Egg is the first mission of season 1, and the first ever mission to be released.

Buster Bumblechops' prized Moshling egg has been stolen by an Ancient Enemy, and it's the Super Moshi's job to get it back.

The mission can be played by clicking on the Super Moshi Missions button in your room or by visiting the Volcano.



  • J.K. Growling (name mention)
  • A bat

EPIC Locations

  • 1 - Given to you by Elder Furi
  • 2 - Buster's green drawer
  • 3 - Hidden behind many flowers


  • The mission was updated and changed on November 26, 2012, where Baby Rox replaced Lady GooGoo both as a reward and as a Moshling in general, EPICS were added and the mission was released to non-members.

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