Scare Bear

Scare Bears are collectible plush items, whom are a parody of the Care Bears franchise.

Twistmas Scare Bear

The original Scare Bear is sold in Bizarre Bazaar, which makes it an exception to the rest of the collection. Most are available in Babs' Boutique, with Crash, Cupcake and Milk being design-a-Scare Bear contest winners, similairly to My Little Mutants.

The rest are available through Secret Codes, which were obtainable from series 1 to 3 blister packs and blind bags. An exception to this is the Twistmas Scare Bear, which was part of a 12-day code give away of Twistmas 2013

Bab's Boutique Collection

Name Image Description Level Price Happiness
Candy the Scare Bear Candy the Scare Bear Cute little candy loves to play with anything pink! Watch your jewellery, she'll have it in a flash. 4 79 Rox 85
Chip the Scare Bear Chip the Scare Bear HIP! CHIP! He never listens. Off in a world of his own, getting down to trance! 5 89 Rox 73
Crash the Scare Bear Crash the Scare Bear Used to test Scare-o-planes and once even sent to outer space, this Scare Bear is no dummy! Designed by scarblade56. 3 90 Rox 90
Cupcake the Scare Bear Cupcake the Scare Bear She smells as sweet as she looks, and might even make you some Grosstess Cupcakes. Designed by sweet-pea. 5 95 Rox 90
Daisy the Scare Bear Daisy the Scare Bear Daisy's the hippy bear that always does her own thing. She's made from all-natural materials too. 9 109 Rox 95
Goldie the Scare Bear Goldie the Scare Bear Goldie is fit, fit, fit. Get your sweat bands on and pump it, pump it, pump it! 3 69 Rox 65
Milk the Scare Bear Milk the Scare Bear Udderly adorable, this Scare Bear will give your room that farm-fresh feel. More cowbell! Designed by popheart. 8 100 Rox 90
Patch the Scare Bear Patch the Scare Bear Patch is pieced together from over 18 other bears. If that isn't scary, I don't know what is! 1 59 Rox 45
Spike the Scare Bear Spike the Scare Bear Spike is the punk bear who gives your room the rock style it deserves. ? 99 Rox 113

Vivid Secret Codes Collection

Name Image Description Price Level Health Happiness
Chippy the Scare Bear Chippy the Scare Bear . 10 1 10 10
Oscar the Scare Bear Oscar the Scare Bear . 10 1 100 100
Stitch the Scare Bear Stitch the Scare Bear . 10 1 10 10