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Robotlings are mechanized versions of Moshlings, created by Dr. Strangeglove. They first Robotlings seen in Season 1: Mission 5: Pop Goes the Boo Boo, as Robo Quacks. Robo Quacks also appeared in Mosh Fling. They're the main foes in Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed.

Most of them are available as coded promotional items in Moshi Monsters. Some secret coded ones acquire a certain amount of Rox (DS version) or street pass (3DS version).

List of Robotlings

Robot Blurp

Robot version of Blurp.

  • Enemy: When approaching its sight field, it gasps and activates self destruct and releases spikes.
  • Room item: Blows up, then releases spikes

Robot Burnie

Robot version of Burnie.

  • Enemy: It functions as a dropping plane, even though being of regular size. It drops Robot Pooky's.
  • Room item: Flies using a jetpack

Robot Cherry Bomb

Robot version of Cherry Bomb.

  • Enemy: Upon interaction it activates self destruct.
  • Room item: Explodes and shows a sad expression when being nothing but that, on two legs

Robot Chop Chop

Robot version of Chop Chop.

  • Enemy: It hangs from ledges and throws 'bananas' from its spot.
  • Room item: Jumps and thrusts hands

Robot Cocoloco

Robot version of CocoLoco.

  • Enemy: A regular enemy, it causes harm when it is jumped upon due to its metal straw. It requires interaction from the sides to destroy it.
  • Room item: Stomps around

Robot DJ Quack

Robot version of DJ Quack.

  • Enemy: It is airborn and drops down when you are right under it, leaving you enough time to leave the spot of impact.
  • Room item: Starts flying and then bounces

Robot Ecto

Robot version of Ecto.

  • Enemy: Unlike all other robots, Ecto Bots do nothing more than being in the way, harming you when you collide with them in the air. They do not attack you.
  • Room item: Flies left and right twice

Robot Leo

Robot version of Leo.

  • Enemy: From a distance, it throws 'snowballs' at you.

Robot Long Beard

Robot version of Long Beard.

  • Room item: n/a
  • Enemy: It throws its hammer at you, which it has an unlimited supply of. It is based of -and functions exactly the same as- the Hammer Bro, a classic Super Mario enemy.[1]
  • Room item: Does the same animation as their Moshling

Robot Oompah

Robot version of Oompah.

  • Enemy: Albeit not directly hostile, its annoyance come from the soundwaves it makes which causes you to be blown away and possible fall into a gap, causing you to 'die'.
  • Room item: Aggressive dooting

Robot Peekaboo

Robot version of Peekaboo.

  • Enemy: ??
  • Room item: Spins around repeatedly before falling on their head.

Robot Peppy

Robot version of Peppy.

  • Enemy: It charges towards you and drops on its belly so it glides into impact. Hence its attack maneuver, it only appears in icy slippery levels.
  • Room item: Marches around

Robot Pocito

Robot version of Pocito.

  • Enemy: It charges toward you once it sees you from great distance, making it one of the most aggressive robots.
  • Room item: Stretches their limbs and creates electricity and yells.

Robot Pooky

Robot version of Pooky.

  • Enemy: It charges towards you and has a bit of defense from its metal egg shell if you try to harm it by stomping on it. It however is dazed for a short bit, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Room item: Duck under eggshell

Robot Rocky

Robot version of Rocky.

  • Enemy: It is far larger than most robot Moshlings and throw itself on the ground when you are near it, attempting to flatten you. It is based of -and functions exactly the same as- a Whomp, a classic Super Mario enemy.[2]
  • Room item - Stomps and makes noise

Robot ROFL

Robot version of ROFL.

  • Enemy: Once you jump over it, it jumps up to bite you. It's a reverse of Robo Quack's attack move.
  • Room item: Jumps and bites

Robot Rooby

Robot version of Rooby.

  • Enemy: Attemtps to have one-on-one combat with you.
  • Room item: n/a


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