For the decorative squirrel-like character, see Bonkers.

Ratty is a character in Moshi Monsters, who is three eyed rat that lives in Dodgy Dealz. He is known to scurry around the shop and is best friends with Bug.

When clicked on Ratty will squeak and then jump. Ratty is mostly known from the TV show in Monstro City named The Adventures of Bug & Ratty.

Ratty has also been sighted in the abandoned building in Sludge Street. On Friday, 13th April 2012, the Moshi Monsters Staff decided to switch Ratty in Dodgy Dealz with Bug for a limited-time.


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The Official Collectable Figures Guide

Wherever you find Ratty, you'll also find Bug. And wherever you find Ratty and Bug, mayhem can't be far behind. They love to cause mischief: stealing Pepperbombs from the Pepperbomb Geyser to make everyone sneeze or sneaking into the Unnatural History Museum and re-arranging the dinosaur bones to form new creatures! You have been warned . . .