Raffy the Higgledy Hypnotiser is an Ultra-Rare Moshling in the Swindilies set in Moshi Monsters, who was designed based on a creation from a boy named Raffy. They perform by hypnotising others to do trivial things for a living. 



Raffy is unobtainable as only the person who created them can obtain them.


Long ago, Higgledy Hypnotisers would use their enchanted hypno-clocks to swindle rich monsters out of all their Rox. Nowadays these swirly-eyed scoundrels earn a living performing to passers-by, persuading hapless volunteers to eat raw oobla doobla and do the splits every time they whisper 'flummadiddledee'.


Unexplored Area
Like Wonky Wizards, Higgledy Hypnotisers are said to come from the mystical land of Alakazam, but they enjoy entertaining shoppers on Sludge Street.



Ticking and tocking.


Mirror shades and skeptical monsters.


  • Raffy was the first Moshling from the Swindilies to be released.
  • Raffy is the first Moshling to have an animated sprite within the Moshling Guide in your garden.
  • Raffy's attachment to his right arm seems to be some sort of mushroom.
    • As mushrooms are known to cause hallucinations, this might be the link to Raffy's design idea.
  • Raffy was designed by a person who's also called Raffy.
  • Raffy and Pops share the same number (#210). In a M.O.S.H.I.S.U.P.P.O.R.T. email, it is said that this issue will be fixed.
  • In the wiki chat visits, Buster Bumblechops has claimed there only being one Higgledy Hypnotiser in existence.
    • However, more than one Higgledy Hypnotiser can be seen on the Moshling Rescue! Rescue Pack.
      • This is most likely just the wallpaper for the box, and should not be taken as canon.
  • Raffy himself, under the form of a black and red Zommer, on Twitter was seen obtaining Raffy from their Moshling Garden.
    • The user is unknown, and will not be revealed by Moshi Monsters staff, as said in emails regarding the matter that have been received.



Moshi Monsters - Raffy in the room footage

Moshi Monsters - Raffy in the room footage

Raffy in a room. Such feat is usually impossible however this instance is not permanent.

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