Puzzle Palace Icon
The Puzzle Palace is a location in Moshi Monsters, where players can play puzzle quizzes to earn rox, the currency of Monstro City.

They can play the Daily Challenge or select a puzzle from the Hall of Puzzles.

Players can also play separate types of quizzes, including general knowledge (Tricky Trivia) and Moshi Monster knowledge (Master of Moshi).

Originally, within the grounds of the Palace lied a large jigsaw puzzle. It was rumoured to consist of many Baffled Bits who scattered and went missing, thus removing the jigsaw puzzle from existance. 

Beneath the Puzzle Palace lies hedge mazes. Inside those are a huge Rox hoard of which Macho Minotaurs used to guard. As Troy's biography is quite vague, it's unknown why Macho Minotaurs no longer guard the mazes and may imply that the Rox hoard is no longer there.

Puzzle List

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  • Bubble Trouble
  • Color Chaos
  • Eyes Spy
  • Word Cross
  • Tricky Triva
  • Jigsaw Jam
  • Time Tangle
  • Shape Shake
  • Line Dance
  • Flag Frenzy
  • Secret Word
  • Math Mash
  • Number Jumble
  • Master Of Moshi
  • Spelling Spree
  • Moshi Multiply
  • Scare Squares
  • Word Mash
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Next Number
  • Word Warp
  • Monster Maze
  • Chock-A-Block
  • Sneaky Snakes
  • The Red Square
  • Letter Count
  • Shuffle Kerfuffle
  • Vowel Howl
  • Side Winder
  • Block Party
  • Super Scramble
  • Manic Match
  • Nifty Shifty
  • Dizzy Blocks


In 2012, the Multiplayer feature was added. In multiplayer, two players will be picked at random and will challenge.

The person who scores the most points wins 10 rox, if both the players score the same, they both win 5 rox but if a player loses, they will win 1 rox.