Prof. Feathersnooze the Owl of Nod is an Ultra-Rare Moshling in the Sleepies set in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. They are a blue barn owl. Prof. Feathersnooze has a liking towards quiet and calm feelings and sounds as opposed to jet engines. 



Whispering grass and warm breezes.


Jet engines and electric blankets.


  • Prof. Feathersnooze first appeared on Moshi Twilight's website, before becoming available as a Moshling in Egg Hunt.
  • Prof. Feathersnooze is the third Moshling with Professor in their name with the other two being Prof. Purplex and Prof. Heff.
  • Like the other Moshling members of the Sleepies set, Prof. Feathersnooze sleeps and plays a lullaby when the player clicks on them.


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