Prickles the Tickly Pickle is a rare Moshling in the Potties set in Moshi Monsters. They are a purple cactus who are prickly and tickly. Prickles can sneeze fire clouds of itching powder. 


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Look out, readers, it's Tickly Pickle time! And let me tell you, as well as being incredibly prickly, these potbound Moshlings are really, really tickly. The first time I touched one I felt as if thousands of sillipedes were crawling around my body. You see, every time Tickly Pickles sneeze they fire clouds of itching powder all over the place. I've only just got my safari suit back from the dry cleaners and it still feels itchier than a vest knitted from Elder Furi's beard trimmings. Talk about irritating!

Mini Bio

Yikes! It’s Tickly Pickle time! As well as being incredibly prickly these potbound Moshlings are really, really tickly. Worse still, every time they sneeze they fire clouds of itching powder all over the place. And every time they scratch themselves they sneeze. Talk about irritating!

Character Encyclopedia

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Tickly Pickles like Prickles are particularly prickly and terribly ticklish pot-bound Moshlings. These scratchy, spiky critters love sitting on windowsills and pottering about in Itchypoo Park. Needless to say, you should think twice about approaching any of these irritates, itchy creatures!
Prickly pastimes
Tickly Pickles love to soothe their itching by soaking up rain and scratching one another's backs. However, they can't stand Sillipedes wriggling in their way or wobbly saucers that threaten to make them topple over! A fall would be sure to lead to a sneezing attack!
Sneezing fit
When Ticklies scratch themselves (an occupational hazard for a Pickle), they sneeze. This fires enormous clouds of itching powder over themselves, making them... ahh... ahh...CHOO!
Data File
Moshling type: Undiscovered
Species: Tickly Pickle
Habitat: Itchypoo Park
Likes: Satisfying scratching sessions

  • Beware these thorny spines!
  • Sturdy pot for balancing on the edges of windowsills.


Unexplored Area

Tickly Pickles enjoy chilling on windowsills but they often crop up in Itchypoo Park.



Prickly, tickly, loopy.


Rain and back scratchers.


Sillipedes and wobbly saucers.


  • They were first seen in the Buster's Lost Moshlings
  • They were released on August 15th 2013, along with their set, the Potties.
  • A Moshi food item has the same name as their species.






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