Pops the Crazy Kernel is a rare Moshling in the Salties set in Moshi Monsters. They are a kernel of popcorn. Pops has the ability to explode into popped popcorn when excited but can return to their normal kernel look when calm.


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The Bop Corn seed can be obtained when you enter the secret code: WELOVESLOPCORN.


Life's tricky when you're likely to explode at any moment, but Crazy Kernels can't help popping with excitement whenever they spot Moshi movie stars. Thankfully these volatile Moshlings return to normal when they calm down, but ker-popping in front of your heroes can be very embarrassing!

Unexplored Area.png

Crazy Kernels love star spotting in Moshi movie theatres but they mostly hang out in stripy cardboard houses on Corny Corner near the Moshi Fun Park.
Salt and Popty-Pings.
Noisy wrappers and being squished into carpets.


  • In January 2014, Pops was first seen as an exclusive figure for the Slopcorn Tub at the London Toy Fair 2014.
    • Pops' seed can be obtained by the code WELOVESLOPCORN, which came with the Moshi Slopcorn.
  • Pops and Raffy share the same number (#210).
  • Pops' figure is the only figure that hasn't been modelled as a character/Moshling's idle appearance. This is due to the initial design being the "popped" version.



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