Poppets are the second most popular species of monster who became really popular in 2013. The default Poppet is pink with blue eyes and blue boots.

Poppets are perfect for a lively, kind and compassionate owner. Poppets are also famous for their everlasting style- how glamorous! They are generally sweet and optimistic, and tidy eaters.

Poppets seem to have a liking for footwear (especially boots!), Juno being the only one shown without. With the introduction of The Poppeteers, Poppet anatomy is shown to vary.

  • Their heads feature either horns or ears.
  • They can grow hair of a different colour and structure on top of their head and tail.
  • They can be tail-less and whiskers-less.

Notable Members


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"Pinky" was a name given to Poppet in the early installations of comic stories to maintain neutrality to the species.

Super Poppet

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Geeky Poppet

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Explorer Poppet

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Beach Poppet

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Avril LaScream

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Appeared exclusively in The Lost Treasure of Umba Umba! as a member of the search team. She is fluent in millions of Moshi languages!

Pussycat Poppets

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The Poppeteers

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Hazelbunny is a monster owner in Moshi Monsters and was 2008's Top Monster, a prize that was granted by Tyra Fangs. Displayed in her room, is a unique sign saying MC NTM Winner 2008. She has over 250,000 visits and is an A rated MonSTAR.


Rainbow is the Monster owned by Cutiegirl15033. Rainbow is a dark brown Poppet with sunglasses.

Cutegirl15033 won a contest on The Daily Growl where the prize was to be featured on a Series 2 Mash Up card.


  • The name Poppet comes from the term "poppet" used to describe their loved ones.
  • Poppet is one of the two monsters to have a Mosh N Chat plush, along with Katsuma.
  • Poppets favorite food are Mice Krispies.
  • According to a Moshi Magazine, Poppets are less than 2 inches tall.
  • Poppet has a song called I Heart Moshlings.
  • Poppet has a mission called "The Unusual Suspects".


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