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The Poppet Magazine (also referred to as simply 'Poppet') is the second magazine series in the franchise, the first being the Moshi Monsters Magazine, published by Skyjack Publishing throughout 2014.

'Poppet' debuted on March 26th 2014 and ran for ten issues until January 14th 2015 when the magazine was Skyjack replaced it with 'BFF magazine'. Unlike the main magazine, no official subscriptions were made available for the magazine.

The magazine was first hinted at in the Moshi Monsters Magazine on The Daily Growl page, showing the Poppet redesign and the names of The Poppeteers. description

Poppet is THE magazine for all you bop-tastic monster fans. We can't wait to introduce you to Poppet's four BFFs Zaffi, Lucki, Serena and Juno. They're also known as the Poppeteers and together they'll help you get creative with SPLATtastic arts and crafts, bend your brain with puzzles and even help you learn about technology.


  • Issue 1: 27th March - 23rd April
  • Issue 2: 24th April - 21st May
  • Issue 3: 22nd May - 25th June
  • Issue 4: 26th June - 16th July
  • Issue 5: 17th July - 13th August
  • Issue 6: 14th August - 10th September
  • Issue 7: 11th September - 22nd October
  • Issue 8: 23rd October - 19th November
  • Issue 9: 20th November - 17th December
  • Issue 10: 18th December - 14th January


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