Poppet is a character who appeared in Moshi Monsters: The Movie as the deuteragonist. She is in the main cast of characters alongside with Katsuma, Furi, Zommer, Diavlo, and Luvli. She also has a magazine dedicated to her, called the Poppet Magazine. As well as the five Monsters mentioned above, she is close friends with fellow members of The Poppeteers, Zaffi, Juno, Serena, and Lucki.


Nanali Movie Poppet sheet

Poppet's model sheet

Poppet is a large, cerise, cat-like monster, with large, bulging blue eyes. Standing aside each of her eyes is a set of whiskers, which protrude out of her head. She has a small, agile body. She has two thick arms, with her paws enveloped in a light pink; there is a rather large circle on her stomach in the same light pink. She wears a pair of blue boots and has a coil, spiral-shaped tail. Her hair is slightly unkempt which contrasts her tidy personality. Poppet often wears a blue bow.

Poppet has three differing designs. One uses the in-game sprite of a Poppet in the species, often with a blue bow and two white dots on her eyes. Another is her movie design with a smaller body. She also has a redesign in the Poppet Magazine where Poppet's body and head are marginally slimmer with hand-drawn like appearance as opposed her appearances designed for Flash animation. Her eyes remain round but are not perfect circles like the previous two designs.


Poppet gardening in the movie
Poppet is brave, steely but generally caring and sweet. She is often optimistic and spends her time in careers involving in Moshlingology and Moshling care. Poppet is particularly kind to her friends. Many characters acknowledge that her heart is as big as the swooniverse.

She can quickly become concerned and empathetic when a Moshling is potentially harmed or in danger. Poppet spends the majority of the movie trying to protect The Great Moshling Egg from being turned into a large glump and attempting to keep Mr Snoodle in good health.

Poppet has also shown this in her other narrative depictions. In Lights Out in the Crib!, a black-out scares Poppet believing that there may be a threat to the Baby Moshlings. She attempts to think optimistically to hide her nervousness by suggesting to her friends that the black-out could have occurred from Zaffi's experiments instead. In Moshiversity Meltdown, she becomes worried when Burnie unexpectedly tastes extreme spiciness after eating her ice-cream unaware that Katsuma added Ghost Peppers to it.

Poppet Annoyed At Katsuma

Poppet can become annoyed by her friends' attitude when they are predominantly big-headed or deliberately rude. This attitude is most notable with Katsuma's behaviour throughout the movie and in other narrative depictions. Other than Katsuma, she has shown visible annoyance to Serena when she disrupts the Baby Moshlings' sleep schedules in Serena's Show. Poppet also becomes frustrated when Luvli when she seemingly ignores Poppet and pushes in front of her in The Sludge Street Stand-In!.


Moshling Care

Poppet with Moshlings
Poppet has extensive knowledge in Moshlingology and Moshling care. At a young age, Poppet dreamt of being a professional Moshlingologist who would explore and discover new Moshling species. She later decided to stay safe in Monstro City to look after Moshlings instead.

She enjoys adopting new Moshlings and looks after her seeds. She is quite skilled in gardening (although not as experienced as Juno). Poppet's flowers and plants attract many Moshings and Sprinkles helps water her garden.

With The Poppeteers, Poppet currently works in the Pawberry Crib which is where they incubate Moshling eggs sent by Buster Bumblechops. Poppet and the rest of The Poppeteers are also nursery teachers who help them learn and play. They release the Moshlings into the wild after they have grown up. In Poppet's spare time, she directly helps out at Buster's Moshling Sanctuary such as tidying his hatchery room and mixing medicine.

Dance and Music

I heart moshling cover

Poppet is skilled in performance driven art. She is a great dancer thanks to her enchanted boots. In the movie, she sings We Can Do It in the film which inspired the likes of Katsuma. She has a knack for cheering people up with her singing.

Poppet loves joining in musical and dancing activities with various other events. She also enjoys dancing with Bobbi SingSong during the Jollywood scene.

In Baz Barnacle in a Clawful Tale, Poppet is seen playing the castanets and dancing. She says that she's practising for The Underground Disco's International Dance Challenge. Her music attracts the crabs to foller her.

Poppet is the lead singer of I Heart Moshlings. She spent hours on the swing singing during the recording in Meringue Meadow. The music video also shows her dancing skills.

The sixth issue of the Poppet Magazine revealed that Poppet and the rest of The Poppeteers had recorded a dance song called Dance Like Poppet. The song remains unreleased as the characters are currently searching for a good record deal.



Poppet and Katsuma laughing
Poppet and Katsuma were students in Monstro City High School when they were younger where the Poppet Magazine shows him teasing Poppet. She increasingly becomes annoyed of Katsuma's arrogance throughout the movie and becomes somewhat angry calling him out on his behaviour. In Moshiversity Meltdown, Poppet can easily recognise when Katsuma's face when he does something suspicious. She becomes irritated when he cheats in the Ice-scream competition.

Although she dislikes Katsuma being big-headed, both Katsuma and Poppet are good friends who genuinely care for each other. The two managed to find the Rainbow Rox when they work together in the movie. She is willing to forgive Katsuma after he atones.

In Poppet's Paw-fect Present!, Poppet spends her time carefully deciding on what Twistmas present she should give to Katsuma. She makes sure her gift is something that Katsuma does not already own.



Poppet considers the rest of the Poppeteers as her best friends; however, her closest best friend is Zaffi. They have been BFFs since they were Baby Moshis and went to the same high school.

When Zaffi became friends with Serena, Poppet assumed that Serena ‘stole her friend’. The next morning, Zaffi approached to Poppet reassuring that she will always be BFFs with her but also suggested to be open for more friends.

Zaffi uses her technology skills and knowledge to help Poppet whenever she can such as when she investigates eco-tech and found an environmentally friendly and rain-proof roof for Poppet’s house.

Zaffi is Poppet’s right paw monster and is quick to notice when Poppet is in a bad mood. Poppet has a great appreciation for Zaffi’s help. In Baby Bad Bill's Misadventure, Poppet gasps and starts to run to help get Baby Bad Bill down from the roof. Zaffi then calms Poppet down by putting a reassuring paw on her shoulder. In Snoozy Staycation!, Zaffi notices Poppet being too tired from work and comes up with an idea to give her a staycation. Poppet says that it is the best staycation she’s ever had.



Poppet initially had a disliking to Serena. She assumed that Serena ‘stole her friend’ until Zaffi suggested being more open for more friends. Poppet cautiously accepted and eventually became friends with Serena. The threesome called themselves The Poppeteers. In issue 1, Serena writes an article, showing a genuine appreciation of Poppet’s hard work in the crib.

However, their friendship remained to be somewhat rough before they were capable of working together effectively over the course of the magazine issues. In Serena’s Show, Poppet tries to help Serena with her bad clothes. Serena took a larger priority designing clothes over her friends and the Baby Moshlings’ wellbeing. Poppet becomes frustrated and worries about the Baby Moshlings. She tells Serena that the Babies need sleep and attempts to stop Serena from keeping them awake but Serena continues believing that the Moshlings will enjoy it. Poppet also tells her to stop being rude to Baby McNulty they were chewing the hat. Serena glares at Poppet and then ignores her.

After her fashion show, Serena eventually realises that she’s being too rude. She apologises for her behaviour and priorities, and she gives each of The Poppeteers a flower. Their friendship grew overtime. In Growing for Gold!, Poppet and Serena teamed up in the Moshi Fest Grow & Bake competition and were excited when they won second place.



Juno is considered to be one of Poppet’s best friends and participates in preparing Poppet’s staycation. However, not much else is known about Poppet’s friendship with Juno due to the limited access of the pages in the Poppet Magazine. Additionally, there is no short story that primarily focuses on Poppet’s friendship with Juno.

Juno enjoys cooking and baking food for her friends, including Poppet. In Mystery at the Crib!, she was also planning to make pumpernickel pie for Poppet before someone snaffled the pie’s crumbs. When Poppet arrives, Juno apologises for the inconvenience. Poppet quickly pardons her as she investigates. Juno also bakes food for the rest of The Poppeteers when they have a picnic in Growing For Gold!. Poppet admires her gardening and cooking skills. She congratulates Juno when she wins first place in the Moshi Fest Grow & Bake competition.

Poppet can be eager where Juno is and in what she is doing. In the ending of The Great Cupcake Caper!, she tries to scrabble closer through the crowd, seeing Juno with Baby Hansel. Poppet comments on how cute Hansel is and Juno makes a gentle nudge and giggles.



Lucki is considered to be one of Poppet’s best friends and participates in preparing Poppet’s staycation. However but not much else is known about Poppet’s friendship with Lucki due to the limited access of the pages in the Poppet Magazine. Additionally, there is no short story that primarily focuses on Poppet’s friendship with Lucki.

Lucki can be hasty when she exercises. In Lights Out in the Crib!, Lucki accidentally crashes on Poppet when she was exercising. She quickly apologises.

Poppet appears to have known Lucki for a long time. In Campfire Fright-fest!, she asks Lucki to tell a spooky story, knowing that Lucki enjoys telling them. In Mystery at the Crib!, Poppet finds it abnormal and suspicious to see Lucki snoozing during daytime.

Mr Snoodle


Poppet's Silly Snuffler first appeared in her music video, but according to an interview with Ruby Scribblez in Music Stars (Book), Poppet stated that it is too tough choosing a single favourite Moshling.

Poppet met Mr Snoodle in Franzipan Farm when the other Ponies abandoned him. She took him in and the two have been close ever since. Mr Snoodle eventually became Poppet's favourite Moshling. He is featured in the Movie and several magazines with her. In the movie, Mr Snoodle nearly dies from frostbite and Poppet attempts to keep him warm.

Depiction in Moshi Monsters: The Movie

Katsuma with Poppet and the Snoodles movie credits
Poppet is the deuteragonist with Katsuma as the main protagonist. She suggests to Roary that The Great Moshling Egg would be a nice addition for Roary's documentary. She supports the rest of the main cast to protect the Great Moshling Egg from harm. Katsuma and Poppet managed to find Rainbow Rox, one of the three items the main characters must find. After the egg hatches, Mrs Snoodle quickly befriends Poppet's Silly Snuffler.

Depiction in Moshi Monsters (PC Game)

Poppet with Super Moshi

Poppet is present in obtainable items such as Poppet posters and wall decor that promoted the movie, books and the Poppet Brand. She appears as an NPC in the PC game. Poppet makes a prominent appearance in The Unusual Suspects where an anonymous character sends Poppet a Valentine's Day card. During this mission, she requests the Super Moshis to find out who sent her the card. With no romantic interest back, she simply tells the Super Moshis to deliver her Friendship Card to whoever sent the Valentine's Day Card.

Poppet also appears as a character in Daily Prize Quests where the player and their Monster can interact and help her.

Depiction in Magazines

Poppet editing the Poppet Mag
Several magazines such as the Moshi Monsters Magazine, Moshlings Making and Baking, and the Poppet Magazine  feature Poppet. The BFF Magazine also shows brief appearances of her. Poppet is a character in stories within both the Moshi Monsters and Poppet Magazines.

The Poppet Magazine helped promote the Poppet Brand. Poppet appears most prominently in the Poppet Magazine where she is canonically the producer and an editor. In this magazine series, she introduces the rest of the Poppeteers, their jobs and their lives. Her Poppeteer friends are also responsible for writing specific sections within the magazines.

Depiction in Talking Poppet

Talking Poppet app logo

The Poppet featured in Talking Poppet uses the design of Poppet as a 3D model. The player can pet, feed, wash and play with her similar to how the Poppets in the PC game are cared for. This Poppet has a noticeably different personality as she acts overly childish and naïve.

Talking Poppet is a canonical game in the Moshi World as this is confirmed in the Daily Growl. This is also featured as an advertisement in Poppet’s Magazine series.

“Exciting news – Monstro City has a homegrown hit on its hands! Our very own Poppet is taking over screens all over the swooniverse with her monsterific new app, TALKING POPPET!”


  • Poppet's redesign sometimes shows her wearing different looking boots.
  • Her favourite food is Mice Krispies but she also enjoys eating many pink coloured foods, Toad SodaRoarberry Cheesecake and Mr. Tea.
  • Poppet once lived in Monstro City's central hub but eventually moved to Pawberry Hills to live closer to the Crib.
  • Poppet's birthday is on April 16th.
  • Her personal favourite Poppet Magazine issue is issue 7.
  • Poppet had never stated her age when asked as she finds the question to be disrespectful. As of 2012, she is likely an adult since she had already graduated Monstro City High School and has an occupation in Moshling Care and in the music industry.



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