Poppet is a character that appeared in Moshi Monsters: The Movie as a main protagonist alongside Katsuma, Furi, Zommer, Diavlo and Luvli. She also has a magazine dedicated to her, called the Poppet Magazine. As well as the five Monsters mentioned above, she is very good friends with fellow members of The Poppeteers, Zaffi, Juno, Serena and Lucki.


She is very sweet, brave, wise and loving. She is a talented singer, as she sang We Can Do It, which inspired the likes of Katsuma, is optimistic and seems to have a knack for cheering people - and even things - up. Poppet also loves joining in with activities and various other events, as she can be seen dancing with Bobbi SingSong during the Jollywood scene, enjoying herself.


Poppet is a large, cerise, cat-like monster, with large, bulging blue eyes. Standing aside each of her eyes is a set of whiskers, which protrude out of her head. She is always seen with a broad smile on her face and has a small, agile body. She has two thick arms, with her hands enveloped in a light pink; there is a rather large circle on her body in the same, light pink. She wears a pair of blue boots and has a coily, spiral-shaped tail. Her hair is always rather unkempt, which contrasts her tidy personality.


Moshi Monsters: The Movie



Poppet Magazine